2021 so far has been marked by “critical race theory” trying to poke its ugly head all over the nation, and conservatives and American patriots fighting rather successfully to beat it back into the ground both in state legislatures and middle and high school classrooms.

More than 20 states have already adopted laws forbidding the propaganda instruction of the tenets of “critical race theory” in public schools, raising hopes that truth and justice about America’s history and principles are going to triumph.

Yet, the army of wokeism is still struggling in its hope to avoid utter defeat, with more than 5,000 educators from all 50 states signing a pledge of the notorious Zinn Education Project that they will be teaching “critical race theory” in defiance of the law as well as historical truth.

Left-wing propaganda in schools near you

Those teachers vow to instill in the American children’s head the notion that the United States was established based on nothing but oppression, slavery, structural racism, and the “dispossession of Native Americans” – and not on the principles proclaimed in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence such as freedom and democracy.

The Zinn project is aptly named after Howard Zinn, a socialist “historian” who authored a book called “A People’s History of the United States”, a pamphlet of unabashed left-wing propaganda disguised as a history textbook which has been sneaked into classrooms around the country by “cultural Marxists”.

The Zinn Education Project claims that everything in the United States is based on “anti-Blackness”, which “intersects” with “other forms of oppression.

That “everything” consists of a long list of progressive policy goals, rather than a philosophy of teaching American history with at least a sliver of integrity.

Granted, the Zinn project graciously suggests, though, that America’s history doesn’t boil down to oppression only but also to the building of “coalitions” across traits such as “race, class, and gender.”

The project is now circulating what it calls a “Pledge to Teach the Truth” which declares that CRT and other left-wing analysis methods are “the truth.

It declares that the teachers who sign it will not be “bullied” into obeying the law.

There’s nothing liberating in leftist mindset

Many of those who signed the “critical race theory” proclamation of the Zenn Education Project offer their reasons for doing so, regardless of how shocking they might be.

One signee wrote that there is no way to teach future generations how “to disrupt systems” without telling “the truth about the systems”.

Another proclaimed that there is a need for “justice and liberation” for the students.

Another quite impudent comment declares that teachers are entitled to teach their own subject to their own students since lawmakers “know nothing about professional education.”

Another comment argues that if “this teaching” is called “indoctrination” that would mean showing “no respect” for the “cognitive and critical abilities” of young people.

Of course, the CRT proponents are all too eager to speak out in defense of “critical thinking” – but that in their view doesn’t apply to cases when students get expelled because their parents are judged to hold “incorrect opinions” or in the growing number of cases in which students get shamed publicly for being white.

In contrast, conservatives are advocating for a fair assessment of American history, principles, and institutions, which also informs students about the darker times such as the Indian Removal, slavery, Jim Crow, or the Japanese internment during World War II.

Encouraging students to challenge institutions is different from ordering them to do so on the basis of false pretexts or telling lies to serve a political agenda or a “politically correct” interpretation.

That would disregard a countless number of truths – such as Frederick Douglass declaring in his landmark oration on July 4 that the Constitution of the United States is “a glorious liberty document” which contains nothing in defense of slavery or slaveholding.