Texas sheriffs from border counties have come together in a lawsuit against the administration of Democrat President Joe Biden over its restrictions of the power of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to catch and deport illegal immigrants.

The plaintiffs, sheriffs from the Texas counties of Kinney, McMullen, Edwards, and Hudspeth along the border with Mexico and an ICE officers’ association, are accusing the Biden administration of breaking federal law by limiting ICE operations.

A report by Courthouse News says that the restrictions in question stem from Biden’s pledge for a more humane approach to enforcing immigration policies and laws in contrast to the harsher approach of the Trump administration.

Thus, on February 18, the Biden administration published a memo mandating ICE to concentrate on deporting those illegal immigrants who are considered terrorists or threats to national security, those who are gang members, those convicted of some aggravated felonies, or who entered the US after November 1.

ICE under probation

Under the new directive, in order to take jailed immigrants into custody, ICE officers have to get a permission from their bosses if the respective migrant does not fall into any of the abovementioned categories.

According to the Texas sheriffs’ lawsuit, the Biden administration has therefore prevented ICE officers from taking custody of “dangerous criminal aliens” accused of drug trafficking, human trafficking, and other crimes.

The lawsuit declares that the Biden administration’s actions is preventing the ICE agents from carrying out their duties under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Back in May, some ICE officials complained before the Washington Post that by restricting the agency’s operations to such a degree, Biden himself had “functionally abolished” it.

Back then, the newspaper reported that in April 2021, ICE agents carried out only about 3,000 deportations, with the 6,000 officers averaging one detention every two months.

The Washington Post went so far as to suggest that ICE has been put “on probation” under the Biden Administration, which actually dismissed calls by some Democrats to disband the agency altogether.

White House is still blaming Trump

As a result, the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has skyrocketed, while deportations have slumped.

Also back in May, Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General, called upon Biden to fire Vice President Kamala Harris as the “border czar” of the administration, a role the Democrat President assigned to her in March.

Brnovich declared Harris’ response to the migrant crisis on the US-Mexican border to be “absolutely abysmal”, and in her first 50 days, she made no effort to monitor the situation or put forth a plan for tacking it.

Instead, the White House led by press secretary Jen Psaki has been fallaciously trying to blame the administration of President Donald Trump for the current surge in immigration – a ludicrous attempt of turning its own fiasco around on others.