US enterprises, in particular managed-service providers, MSPs, have suffered what has been described as the greatest ransomware cyberattack to date, resulting in a situation exposing both Democrat President Joe Biden’s inadequate awareness and reaction, and his failure to cope with Russian hacking during his meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last month.

According to reports, the latest cyberattack has shuttered at least 1,000 MSPs in the United States alone.

The list is growing and several thousand might prove to be affected, with victims also located in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, and the UK.

Russian hackers

This ransomware mayhem has been attributed to REvil, a Russian-linked ransomware group, which is blamed for the attack on meat-producing giant JBS SA back on May 30, 2021.

On Sunday, a blog usually used by REvil said the demanded ransom was $70 million.

It is really curious that the new REvil attack, and the largest of its kind ever, comes after last month Joe Biden met with Russia’s leader Putin in Geneva.

It was ridiculous back then how Biden communicated to Putin that Russian hackers must not attack the United States: he handing the Russian leader a list of 16 crucial areas that were off-limits.

In essence that meant that everything else not on that list was to be deemed fair game by the Russian cybercriminals.

The right move would have been, of course, to tell Vladimir not to hit anything at all, or face America’s wrath.

Instead, Biden gave Putin a free pass – there is no wonder that the REvil group appears undeterred.

Biden responded to the attack by reading from a notecard…

Yet, even against the backdrop of REvil emerging behind the new and far larger attack, Biden has declared that “we’re not sure” who the hackers are.

When asked during a visit in Michigan at a King Orchards farm store about the attack, the Democrat President stated the US government wasn’t sure whether the Russians were behind it.

Instead of responding further, he said he had received a brief while getting off the plane.

He paid for the purchases and got out a notecard to reveal what information had been sent to him.

The supposed leader of the free world then went on to read the note which said that, “number one,” there was no certainty who committed the attack.

Biden promised to “know better tomorrow,” and said he had direct the US government to aid affected entities with their response to the attack.

He made it clear he hadn’t spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about this particular incident, and that he had previously told him America would respond to cyberattacks.

His apparent failure to deter the Russian hackers from wreaking havoc on life in the United States through cybercrime aside, it is just disheartening to see Biden being unable to answer a simple question in several sentences without pulling out a notecard.

That reaction is telling enough of how inadequate he is to deal with that situation or any other grave challenge that may befall the nation.