The left’s overarching narrative has been dealt a severe blow as a result of the news story about the group of 11 heavily armed men in military gear, who apparently believed they were above the laws of the United States, and got arrested on July 4 after a 9-hour night time standoff with police in Massachusetts.

Leftist hypocrites were quick to lash out against what they say is typical police brutality against black people and typical toleration of armed white extremists.

When news broke that the standoff had been resolved peacefully without any shootouts despite prerequisites, countless two-faced leftists took to Twitter to make their typical comments believing the latter to be the case.

White extremists? Trump’s militia? Noooo…

Except it turned out to be neither: the group of 11 heavily armed men was all black and claiming to be Muslim, and on top of that the lengthy and theoretically highly dangerous police standoff in Wakefield, Massachusetts, was resolved peacefully.

The 11 men turned out to be members of a group called “Rise of the Moors”, a “Moorish sovereign citizens” association claiming that black people originated from the North African country of Morocco, and declared they didn’t recognize the authorities of the United States.

What is more, they turned out to be heading from Rhode Island to attend some kind of a military training camp.

Ill-advised leftist indignation started pouring on Twitter shortly after the Associated Press first reported that a total of 9 suspects had been detained as a result of the standoff which closed down the major north-south highway for the East Coast, Interstate 95, for hours in the middle of the July 4 weekend.

The catch was that the AP report didn’t specify at first the racial background of the heavily armed individuals defying the laws of the United States.

Exhibiting the painfully familiar hypocrisy and double standards of left radicalism, leftist Twitter users were very quick to jump to conclusions to the detriment of their own highly flawed narrative about whites, blacks and the police.

One Twitter leftist declared that it was surprising that the men in question didn’t obey police orders and “somehow lived”, proclaiming that they can’t be black men.

Another of the same bunch declared that it was safe to assume that the situation must have involved “white men loaded” with arms since nobody had gotten killed during the arrests.

Another lefty concluded that apparently the police are capable for defusing dangerous situations if they wanted, hinting that this refers to situations involving white folks.

Still another wokeist “social justice warrior” assumed that “being white” was the decisive factor thanks to which all 11 suspects left the scene “alive.”

The same user admitted being unable to find pictures of the men in question, which is why he jumped to conclusions.

Survived because they are white? Well, you got that wrong!

While pictures of the suspect weren’t available, however, all the commenting leftist Twitter hypocrites had apparently missed a couple of lines in the seventh paragraph of the AP report.

That paragraph contained a quote from one of the suspects in which he declared that the group in question isn’t anti-government or anti-police, and certainly isn’t a group of “Black identity extremists.”

In one of the videos, the man in question could be seen wearing military-style gear, and explaining that the group told the police officers multiple times that it was adhering to the “peaceful journey laws” of the US.

None of the leftist radicals on Twitter, however, admitted or apologized for their jumping to conclusions that the men must be white since they survived the standoff unscathed.

In fact, one of the previous commenters spun the situation upon learning the truth by posting that since the Rise of the Moors is now “playing army” like “the white guys”, it would be curious to see if the Republican Party changes its stance on gun control.

No apologies there.

Hypocritical leftists have been notorious for jumping to such conclusions.

The most egregious case perhaps was the former race and inclusivity chief for the USA Today newspaper, Hemal Jhaveri.

As the news broke about the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, in March, Jhaveri tweeted that it was “always an angry white man”.

The perpetrator turned to be an angry young Middle Eastern man, which led to her firing.