The National Education Association, a prominent educator’s union in America, has taken steps that seem to support critical race theory. At a time when America’s students have fallen further behind the world leaders in math and science, the NEA’s agenda reveals a lack of commitment to the success of their students.

The NEA’s Radical Plan for Your Children

The NEA’s new agenda requires joining with racial justice groups, community activists (at least from the liberal side), and other such groups to “eradicate institutional racism.” It calls for schools to train personnel to be “restorative justice coordinators.” It endorses training teachers to teach racial justice as part of the curriculum.

The NEA does not stop with training. As parents rise up against critical race theory, the NEA plans a full-court press to move forward with CRT in schools. It also endorses the highly questionable 1619 Project, which aims to put the consequences of slavery within the United States historical narrative. Critics say that the 1619 Project attempts to rewrite American history and lacks in historical fact and scholarship.

The NEA’s Attempt to Intimidate Parents Into Silence

Finally, the NEA plans to “research” the groups that oppose CRT and the radical gender teachings forced on students in public schools. It will then distribute the research to school boards and other organizations under fire from the public for using CRT.

It is highly doubtful that this “research” will be limited to arguments in favor of CRT. Some parents fighting for sanity in their children’s education may soon find themselves the target of personal attacks by the NEA and their partners in the mainstream media.

Parents need to start pushing for school choice. If parents controlled the dollars the state typically spends on their child’s education, they could send their child to a school committed to education, not indoctrination.