Cancel culture has spread throughout our society like a virus, and it seems to be corroding everything.

As many have already said, it truly seems like no one is safe from the mob. Even a joke or a minor peccadillo committed decades ago can now land you in hot water and cost you your livelihood.

This is precisely what has just recently happened to NY State Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran.

Now former Justice Doran resigned from his position on the NY Supreme Court on Friday, July 2. His offense? He once wore a Halloween costume that today’s left finds objectionable.

Photos have recently surfaced of Doran dressed as some sort of non-white celebrity at a Halloween party back in 1988.

It is not clear what celebrity he was supposed to be dressed up as.

Simpering to Cancel Culture

After the photos emerged, Doran released a statement in which he said the following: “I did not comprehend at the time the hurtful nature of my actions. I know now that an act of this nature is considered to be racist. I can assure you that this event in 1988 in no way reflects my beliefs and principles.”

“I ask for forgiveness from those who have been hurt by this, those I may have embarrassed, and from the people who have taken time in their lives to educate me about the hurt my actions caused.”

Predictably, this simpering apology did absolutely nothing to help Doran salvage his job or his reputation.

The Monroe County Bar Association of New York at least released a slightly more reasonable statement on the matter, pointing out that the “actions of individuals” can be excoriated and criticized “without condemning the individuals themselves.”

Ironically, Doran was not any kind of rock-ribbed reactionary. As the MCBA’s statement points out, “Judge Doran has been a champion of diversity within the bench and bar and has worked with the MCBA in its attempts to bring about real and substantive change.”

As anyone who has observed cancel culture mobs can tell you, they thrive on fear and blood.

Despite their pious professions of going after the powerful, they, in fact, only target those who are too weak and gutless to stand up for themselves. Those who push back against them and refuse to capitulate generally get away unscathed.

One needs to only simply compare Doran’s situation with that of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Photos surfaced of Northam either dressed in a Klan hood or wearing blackface and yet he refused to resign from office. He remains the governor of Virginia to this day.

In any case, cancel culture claims another victim. And though there doesn’t seem to be anything about Judge Doran for conservatives to praise, he will almost certainly be replaced with someone worse.