US House member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) has emerged as one of the biggest losers in the disorderly Democratic primary for New York City mayor won by former police officer Eric Adams.

While AOC’s name was nowhere near the ballot, the bid of her protégé Maya Wiley, an extremely hypocritical extreme lefty, failed so miserably that the fiasco might have ramifications for Ocasio-Cortez’s rumored desire to seek a seat in the US Congress.

Wiley ended third, far behind Adams and the other bidder, Kathryn Garcia, and no wonder considering her duplicity: she has been all in favor of defunding the police despite her own neighborhood’s private security and against the backdrop of skyrocketing crime in New York City.

How strong is AOC anyway?

AOC’s protégé served as legal counsel for the utterly incompetent and likely corrupt administration of leftist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

For anybody else, all of that might be problematic, but it has naturally led to Wiley’s endorsement by AOC in early June, weeks before the June 22 Democratic primary.

Wiley’s failure cannot help but raise the question as to how much electoral weight AOC’s endorsement really has among normal Americans.

Ocasio-Cortez failed to deliver even her own congressional district to Wiley in spite of remaining highly popular with her constituents.

On top of that, her district covers the Bronx and Queens, with Adams winning the former overwhelmingly, while the latter was divided among Wiley, Adams, Garcia, and another candidate, Andrew Yang.

If these results are indicative of voter preferences, that would be great news for America since it would mean that AOC’s power base is confined to the liberal limits of New York City, and she wouldn’t stand much chance running for the Senate where she would potentially be able to do a lot more damage to the country that she has been trying to at present.

That would certainly come as a relief for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Considering his law enforcement experience, Eric Adams could be the most tolerable Democratic bidder for mayor of NYC as far as conservatives are concerned.

Yet, with the rather low bar in the Democratic primary, any potential winner is certain to be too liberal for the taste of Americans with a decent degree of sanity and common sense.

AOC is loud, but that’s about it…

That is precisely why the fiasco of AOC’s candidate has been impressive: her endorsement was expected to carry lots of weight precisely in such a wacky environment as the one demonstrated by the Democratic Party’s mayoral primary.

Apparently, the arrogant Ocasio-Cortez is nowhere near being the political powerhouse that mainstream media would have ordinary Americans believe.

To top it all off, AOC’s protégé was defeated by Eric Adams whose NYPD career spans 22 years, and the police is easily the most hated public institution in the city for the progressive Democrats led by Ocasio-Cortez.

Of course, given that the Democratic electorate in NYC allowed an abysmal leftist such as de Blasio to run the city for 8 years, Adams’ win should be considered that normalizing – especially since he might have lost if either Wiley or Garcia had dropped out of the race.

Adams is now going to face Curtis Sliwa, the leader of the Guardian Angels, the civilian anti-crime group, although the outcome of the race seems predictable considering that NYC is traditionally nominated by the Democrats.

In any case, however, the greatest news for America from the Democratic NYC mayoral primary is that AOC is nowhere near being the might political force that progressives try to present her to be.