New emails from Hunter Biden’s computer suggest that President Joe Biden lied when he claimed that he and Hunter did not discuss Hunter’s foreign business deals. The emails, including photos, show that the President was a willing participant in Hunter’s schemes.

New Emails Show Biden Dining With Hunter’s Business Associates

According to legal scholar Jonathan Turley, the emails prove beyond any doubt that Hunter sold access to his father while President Biden was Vice-President Biden. This revelation, which would be a scandal covered 24/7 if the participants’ names were Donald Trump, Jr. and President Donald Trump, has received little coverage in the legacy media.

New pictures show two Mexican billionaires, Carlos Slim (at one time the world’s richest man) and Miguel Aleman posing for a picture with Hunter and Vice-President Biden during a breakfast at the Naval Observatory, the official residence of the Vice-President. President Biden, through White House staff, denies that any business deals were discussed at the breakfast.

At the time of the breakfast, Hunter and his partner were pursuing energy deals in Mexico. Aleman’s family attempted to broker the deals. A text message from the laptop reveals Hunter bragging to a partner that he spoke to then Vice-President Biden about “Slim ask.” Nothing in the messages between the partners indicates that Slim inquired about the best flavor of ice cream in D.C.

The Emails Corroborate Prior Witness Statements About Joe Biden’s Involvement

The emails confirm the disclosures of Tony Bobulinski, who stated that he and Joe Biden directly discussed Hunter’s business dealings. In the emails, Hunter identifies Bobulinski as the man controlling business for “the family.”