To put it mildly, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is an embattled and controversial figure. While some regard him as a hero for steering New York through the crisis of COVID-19, others see him as a brutish power player involved in a long and sordid list of political scandals ranging from sexual harassment of women to the misreporting of his state’s COVID statistics.

Despite all of this baggage, what many may not know is that Andrew Cuomo has three daughters who all have interesting lives of their own.

Here’s a bit of information about Michaela, Mariah and Cara Cuomo.

The Cuomo Sisters

All three of Andrew Cuomo’s daughters were born while he was married to his now ex-wife Kerry Kennedy. Though they are now divorced, both parents are quite involved in their daughters’ lives.

Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo is 23 years old and is the youngest of the governor’s daughters. She has become quite the passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, in part possibly because she herself had some confusion about her sexuality at one time.

“When I was in elementary, I feared that I was lesbian,” she said. By middle school, she thought she was bisexual, and then she turned to pansexuality while in high school. Eventually, she settled upon demisexuality, defined as the feeling of sexual attraction only in situations where there’s some kind of emotional connection.

Michaela went to Brown University and now works as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Woke Mystic podcast.

Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo is 26 years old and graduated from Brown University with a degree in history. She has worked as a consultant for a number of companies and now works as a Senior Associate at a consulting company called Teneo. Like her mother, she is a passionate human rights advocate.

Cara Kennedy-Cuomo and Marian Kennedy Cuomo are actually twin sisters. Unlike her other two sisters, she keeps a low profile and doesn’t even appear to have an Instagram account.

Recently, a story about Cara dating one of Andrew Cuomo’s security guards made national headlines when the governor vented his displeasure at this arrangement by transferring the guard all the way to a post near the Canadian border.

Despite this, the lovebirds still appear to be together. How sweet!