In an attempt for a more humane border policy, Biden has rolled back many of the Trump-era regulations. This has created a backlash from ICE, which says that the current rules don’t allow them the leeway they need to stop drug smuggling or human trafficking.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already taken some steps along this road by announcing that Texas plans to finish constructing the border wall that former president Trump began, at least within the confines of Texas.

Sheriffs Fight Back Over the Border Crisis

The sheriffs all come from border counties in Texas like Kinney, Edwards, McMullen and Hudspeth counties. A coalition of ICE officers has also joined the lawsuit.

It is likely that such approval will not be granted by executive power. Moreover, it is notoriously difficult to prove that some given immigrant belongs to a gang or a terrorist organization. This makes a lawsuit the only remaining outlet for the sheriffs to find a solution that meets their needs.

The sheriffs’ lawsuit, however, states that the Biden Administration’s ICE restrictions prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting immigrants suspected or accused of crimes like drug smuggling or human trafficking — crimes which are associated with illegal border crossings by some factions.

Back in May, ICE officials had said that Biden’s policies make it difficult for ICE to do a needed job.

Kamala Harris, despite having been designated the border czar, has been called out by Arizona AG Mark Brnovich as having done nothing to remedy the situation or improve conditions at the border.

We’ll see what ultimately comes of these efforts.