Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s recent accusations that his private emails and text messages were being monitored by the National Security Agency have now been proven true after Axios reported that US government officials had learned that he was trying to set up an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

While Axios said it couldn’t confirm explicitly whether the NSA did intercept Carlson’s communications or why it might have sought to do that, it cited sources familiar with Carlson’s conversations with US-based intermediaries for the Kremlin.

On June 28, 2021, Carlson revealed that a whistleblower inside the US government informed him about the NSA spying on his show’s electronic communications and intent to leak them in order to discredit it and get it off the air.

Tucker and Putin interview?

It should be noted that NBC News, one of the largest mainstream liberal media did a very long and detailed interview with Putin a few weeks ago.

On the air of his show last night, Carlson himself emphasized the Axios report as a confirmation of his accusations as members of the intelligence community told “at least one reporter” in Washington of the contents of his monitored emails.

He said that earlier this year he had contacted a couple of people who might have helped secure an interview with Putin, and that nobody knew about it except his executive producer Justin Wells – so the information in question could have been found only in his electronic messages.

Carlson pointed out there could be no way for him to be embarrassed for trying to interview Putin since the Russian president is “obviously newsworthy,” plus, as an American citizen and a journalist, he is entitled to interview whoever he wants.

He noted that he kept the interview request quiet in order to increase the chances of success.

However, the Biden administration “found out about it anyway” as it was “reading my emails”, Carlson stated.

He said the NSA planned to leak his emails in order to portray him as a disloyal American and a “Russian operative.”

Left is trying to portray Carlson as a traitor

Carlson mocked the supposed narrative to that end which emphasizes Putin’s “evilness” by stating how he spies on his own citizens and journalists, among many other sins – a hint at what the NSA is doing to the Fox News host himself.

Carlson lambasted the US intelligence community and those who either dismissed his original accusations, or said that the surveillance was normal – “just don’t call it spying!” – declaring it a “third-world” situation.

The Fox News anchor of the most watched on-air show in the US then exposed how the laws guiding the work of the NSA are broken and/or have been violated – since the agency is required to keep secret the identity of Americans who get caught up in surveillance operations against foreign figures.

In order for such an identity to be revealed, it would have to be unmasked based on a special request.

Carlson posed a number of crucial questions in that regard such as who asked for his unmask, and declared that NSA Director Paul Nakasone and Director of National Intelligence April Haynes should answer them immediately.

Carlson concluded by stating that Congressional Republicans, who have supported blindly the intelligence community for so long, are now starting to awake to the fact that intelligence agencies aren’t their friend or anybody’s friend, and are dangerous, plain and simple.