America’s long-standing institutions that once used to be the nation’s pride and the envy of the world are one by one falling prey to unrestricted, radical, and apparently, very meticulous wokeism distorting the American democratic traditions, values, and heritage.

NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration, has now become the most recent US government body to have been infiltrated successfully, subdued, and gutted by wokeism activists, “social justice warriors”, gender identity proponents, and other leftists, who are killing two birds with one stone as their abhorrent ideological rampage is funded with the tax dollars of the good people of the United States.

Last month, NARA published a detailed and down-to-the-point report on how to tackle “institutional racism” inside its own ranks, which reads like an orgy of wokeism overflowing with “anti-racist terminology” and tools and mechanism to prevent itself from going back to its “institutionally racist” modes.

America’s founding documents

NARA has already made headlines, which are shocking to any normal, decent American citizen with at least some basic awareness of the substance of the grand American tradition, with its suggestions for the rotunda of the National Archives.

In them, NARA declared that the Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights – three documents that have been the guiding light of freedom-thirsty humans all around the globe for centuries now – do not in fact represent “Charters of Freedom.”

Thus, as per the logic of the wokeism-hijacked agency, it should retire the phrase in question or at least alter it.

Now NARA’s report, outlined on full 105 pages, doesn’t just drive a wokeism spear into the heart of an otherwise great American institution but it also demonstrates the zeal and ideological avarice with which Marxism, including critical race theory and other of its “niceties”, are managing to infiltrate every fiber in an institution’s body.

Without tolerating any objection or debate, NARA’s debate proclaims that racism has been “embedded” not just in its history but also in its current practices.

Therefore, it declares, lots and lots and lots of active “anti-racism work” will be needed during its “future”.

The report’s executive summary offers three examples to illustrate NARA’s “structural racism”.

Namely, that black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) are confined to lower-level jobs, while higher-status jobs are reserved for white people; that legacy descriptions for BIPOC contain racial slurs; that the rotunda extols “wealthy white men” in America’s founding and marginalizes “BIPOC, women, and other communities.”

The report postulates that a new bureaucracy must be put in place, a “Racism Task Force”, which itself would have three full subdivisions, apparently to be lush with shameless wokeism advocates and US government money.

The report goes into such great detail to elaborate on how this dismantling of “structural racism” would be implemented through task forces, permanent bodies, ad hoc committees, semi-permanent, groupings, subgroups, special monitors, and whatnot.

Wokeism is trying to erase our history

To top it all off, NARA recommends further and further outreaches to “marginalized communities” in order to keep dismantling and dismantling structural racism.

But that’s not all: the report declares that NARA should form “external partnerships” in the field of “anti-racism work” – apparently a call for greater and greater collaborationism and integration with radical leftist groups.

While racism as an issue might be undeniable potent in American society, the report of the archives administration goes to great extremes by imposing Marxism and its offshoots such as critical race theory, and vilifying white Americans.

The NARA report contains outrage after outrage.

Its definition of “racist language”, which includes “valorizing and protecting” whites, for example, would require the blacklisting and purging of any praise for the Founding Founders of the United States of America since those would be way too “white” by default.

There is also an absurd, all-call for the dismantling of any “oppressive systems” because of their “complex, overlapping nature” which is said to be causing “cumulative harm” with respect to “marginalizing communities.”

That would be achieved through the addressing of “sexist, homophobic, ableist” and other language.

Then the report boasts a call for establishing a method for “end users” to notify the archives agency of racist and other kinds of “harmful language” which may be encountered in descriptions – so say goodbye to America’s historical documents.

If today’s lefties judge old-age writings by today’s standards, or, rather, by their own ideological and heavily political standards, then countless historical documents would cause “racism” alarm and would have to be “canceled” or expunged.

That is just bound to happen considering wokeism activists have already proclaimed cheese, trees, fonts, fireworks, and apple pie to be “racist” – and considering the absurdity in which the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary’s proclamation that if one treats “all people the same”, that is, “regardless of race” doesn’t absolve that person of racism.

Against that backdrop, it would be of no use trying to explain to wokeists who have seemingly hijacked America’s national archives that even though some black people and Native Americans’ contributions to the United States might have been overlooked unjustifiably, historical documents don’t actually concentrate on “white men” simply because of their “whiteness”.

They focus on them because they were the ones who established the United States of America and made it what it became – the greatest nation in the history of the world.