Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has once again stood up against the woke social media dictatorship of Big Tech companies by declaring that the atmosphere they have created in America “isn’t freedom.”

Commenting on a class-action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google spearheaded by President Donald Trump, MTG told Newsmax in an interview that her Twitter account has been suspended multiple times, including three times since she became a member of the US Congress in January 2021.

In two of those occasions, her account “served the full jail time” before Twitter pretended that it was suspended by error.

Double standards

Greene explained that the arbitrary and dictatorial behavior of Big Tech social media affected every single American out there because they violate the most basic American right, the freedom of speech – which made the United States stand out among the rest of the world.

She pointed out that Americans used to be able to just walk around in their everyday lives and just say their thoughts, opinions, and feelings, their political beliefs, religious beliefs, feelings about family, schools, and school curriculum without any threat or fear.

Now, however, because of the omnipotence of big tech and social media, that is no longer the case for conservatives, who get treated differently.

MTG pointed out how in the past 4-5 years, the mainstream media have been slandering conservative / Republican Americans as “fascists, Nazis, deplorables, Neanderthals” and other “nasty names”, including the President of the United States.

The Georgia Congresswoman emphasized that on Twitter and Facebook conservatives aren’t just being banned and suspended but are treated as second-class citizens for speaking their minds, and for holding the political views that they hold.

She declared that “this is so wrong”, which is why it is great that Trump is leading the charge against Big Tech social media.

This is no freedom

MTG revealed she has received countless threats for her life and her children’s lives not just on social media but with a white envelope at the same time Rand Paul got one, and that the FBI is investigating that.

She explained that because of lawsuits she is now unable to block anybody on Twitter, and is forced to leave all kinds of nasty, degrading comments on her profile.

Greene explained how the mainstream media tell lies about her in order to cause people’s hate, and that is then amplified through social media.

The Georgia Congresswoman stated that, unfortunately, that is the world in which “we find ourselves” and the world that “have to change completely” simple because “this isn’t freedom” and this is not how American citizens should be treated.

MTG also lambasted the two-track justice system in the United States at present in which domestic terrorists from the BLM and Antifa are treated mildly, whereas Trump supporters who took part in the Capitol protest on January 6 have been completely denied due process of law, and kept in solitary confinement.

“The hypocrisy is screaming,” Marjorie Taylor Greene concluded.