Vice-President Kamala Harris has announced a $25 million Democrat-backed spending bill that is supposed to tackle issues regarding voter registration.

The move comes as no surprise after more Republican states have introduced new voter laws that would otherwise hinder the Democrat vote, at least that’s according to numerous oppositions of these Republican led-legislatures.

However, in a speech made at her alma mater; Howard University, Vice-President Harris announced on Thursday that the Biden Administration will start to “fight back” against the new voter protection laws.

The Harris-Biden campaign

Vice-President Harris, making remarks on behalf of the White House, stated that the campaign launched by the administration has been created because “every vote matters,” having been assigned by President Joe Biden to led the effort advocating voting rights.

On the same day, Biden and Harris met with leaders from numerous civil rights groups in order to discuss the issues at hand.

Groups included the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the National Action Network.

The White House claimed in a statement that the purpose of this meeting was to “discuss the fight to protect the constitutional right to vote,” claiming that very right is presently under attack by numerous Republican states such as Georgia and Florida.

The President of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson, claimed in an e-mailed statement after meeting with President Biden and Kamala Harris, that “democracy is under attack across the nation,” before claiming that the NAACP and the Biden Administration must attack with “great urgency” so they can protect the fundamental right to vote.

This comes after Senate Republicans voted last month to block a Democratic bill that would have expanded American’s opportunities to cast an early vote before election day, reformed the process for redrawing the congressional boundaries, and would have made some campaign contributions more transparent.

Senate Republicans stated their opposition to this national election reform bill was due to the fact that it violated the autonomy of states to set their own election laws.