The argument against voter ID is a tricky one to present, and not everyone is a master at it.

However, it appears that even the well-loved Vice-President Kamala Harris has run out of reasons to continue to oppose further security for America’s elections.

Speaking during a teaser clip for a full CBS interview, the VP tries to assert that the reason why voter ID laws are bad is due to the fact that many communities don’t have access to office supply stores, so therefore they cannot prove who they are!

She made her reasoning as an attempt to explain why both her and the Democrats could not compromise with the Republicans regarding the faulty “For The People Act.”

The teaser

The teaser for the interview included Harris doubling down on her stance against voter ID and protection laws, the first time she has officially given her stance on the issue since taking office.

She stated that the lack of office supply stores in many communities, stores such as Xerox and OfficeMax, present a good enough reason as to why voter ID is a bad idea, claiming that voters will be unable to go to these stores to photocopy their ID to send off to be checked.

She stated that those who live in “rural communities” will be the worst affected, implying that they will be unable to meet the simple requirements asked of them to prove who they are to vote.

This position by the Vice-President is a violate one, and can be unraveled rather easily.

The VP of OfficeMax?

Kamala Harris, in the build-up to 2020, wasn’t the most popular Democrat around, and her interview with CBS may just prove that fact.

Her newest argument against voter ID is completely flawed and not well thought out.

First off, she asserts that the main reason why voter ID is a bad idea is because many in rural communities will not be able to photocopy their ID to send off with their ballot.

Now, either she is implying these voters are stupid, or her argument is in the gutter, because if photocopying an ID at an office store is not an option then why don’t they just go and vote in person?

Now, obviously, not everyone can vote in person for a multitude of reasons, and if you live in a rural community with no OfficeMax, then might be wondering how can you vote now?

Luckily, there is a vast number of other places you can photocopy your ID from, places such as a local school, library, post office or even a local business will all be happy to give you a photocopy of your ID so you can vote.

But Harris doesn’t believe this.

That’s not even the worse part!

Many states, including the ever-controversial state of Georgia, only require a simple slice of information to be sent in when applying for a mail-in vote.

A utility bill, proof of mail or the final digits of your social security number are enough to gain a mail-in vote if you are a LEGAL citizen in most states.

No photocopied ID required!

The fact that the Vice-President completely overlooked these facts shows the sheer distaste she has for the very people she is supposed to represent and further proves that her’s and the Democrat’s arguments against voter ID are starting to completely fall apart.