Former President Donald Trump will close this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas Texas, with his son, Donald Trump Jr warning that headliner speech will have “people outraged.”

Former President Trump closed the CPAC in Orlando, Florida in February, and he will do so again today (Sunday) after a multitude of other speakers.

The American Conservative Union, the group which organizes the gathering of the nation’s most influential conservative leaders and speakers, has stated that the former President will address the packed crowd in the middle of the afternoon, in a highly anticipated speech.

Fight night build-up

Former President Trump will no doubtedly be fired up once he steps foot on stage in Dallas this Sunday, having sat cage side at UFC 264 the day before in Las Vegas.

Trump, 5-and-a-half-months after leaving the coveted office of the White House, has been back on the campaign trail and he has not been pulling his punches this time around, as he looks set to line up for a rematch with President Joe Biden in 2024, although no official announcement has been made.

The former President remains popular in the Republican Party, and the CPAC comes in the middle of a jam-packed campaign schedule for him, the busiest period since leaving office.

Trump hosted his first rally in Ohio two weeks ago, with a second rally coming a week later in Florida.

He also announced his lawsuit against big tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter at his golf club in New Jersey last week.

At his rallies, the former President took aim at current President Joe Biden, slamming him for his record on crime and the ongoing border crisis.

He also targeted the so-called “culture war,” making the case against critical race theory being “shoved down our children’s throats.”

He then gave his viewpoints on the current battle regarding transgender rights in sports, claiming that it is “unfair and crazy” that biological men are allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Trump is expected to cover similar points in his closing speech at the CPAC on Sunday afternoon, a speech that American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp has been talking up to Fox News, stating that Trump will continue to empathize “the fight against Big Tech and illegal immigration.”

The former President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, teased his father’s upcoming address, stating that “you never know” when it comes to the contents of the address.

He assured Fox News that “people will be outraged” upon hearing Trump’s CPAC speech, whilst also assuring that the speech will be “interesting.”

The former President is due to speak at around 3.30 pm in Dallas, marking his big return to the campaign trail.