Texas lawmakers joined the special session organized by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The session, which started on Thursday, is meant to cover several important topics, including the issue of voting reforms across the state.

Governor Abbott told reporters that the principal aim of any amendments would be to make the voting process more practical and less susceptible to different sorts of fraud.

The Governor stressed that even Democratic House Representatives agreed that the enhanced election integrity could be best achieved by proposed improvements.

One of the suggested amendments is the prolonged hour range for early voting.

The Texan government is also wary of the ballot collection procedure, which involves the administration of absentee votes by a third party.

It was the Supreme Court’s characterization of Arizona’s prohibition of ballot collection as legal that initially motivated Texan lawmakers to make amendments to local voting laws.

Governor Abbott talked about a federally prosecuted case of a person who offered cocaine in exchange for absentee ballots.

The Texas governor expressed his belief that cases such as this one could have been prevented if more effective laws were in place.

Other topics to be discussed

The special session is expected to cover other commonly discussed topics, such as border security, an introduction of critical race theory, and transgender athletes among students.

Some Democratic lawmakers lamented that the issue of the electrical grid of Texas is not planned to be discussed during the session.

Governor Abbott replied that the issue of the grid that broke down several months ago had already been sufficiently discussed during the previous session and, as such, does not require further addressing.

The Texas Governor added that all discussions could have ended during the previous session had Democrats not chosen to obstruct the voting reform plans.

Several commentators view Governor Abbott’s recent worries about the electoral reform as part of his preparation for the upcoming elections.

Interestingly, one of the candidates who might run against Abbott is famous Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, a Texas native.

A recent poll determined a narrow 39-38 Abbott’s lead against McConaughey.

When asked about the possibility of running against the famous actor, Abbott told reporters that he would take any opponent seriously, regardless of his name.