The progressive socialist left is fighting a losing battle to prop up the critical race theory. One of their biggest mouthpieces in the liberal media is Joy Reid, who can not help but point around the room when confronted about the dangers of critical race theory.

Reid’s Finger Pointing

Opponents of critical race theory have been speaking louder and louder from local meetings to the halls of Congress. Despite their allegations that critical race theory is dangerous for this country and its history, progressive activists like Joy Reid are still trying to inject some stimulant into the movement. Recently, on her evening MSNBC liberal show named “The ReidOut,” she deflected from questions by saying that anyone proudly opposing critical race theory is all of a sudden a white supremacist or member of the QAnon movement.

This is not convincing of someone who is confident in their position. Rather, she is in retreat by trying to usher in some stale whataboutism.

The Potential Danger of Critical Race Theory for American Children

Defenders say critical race theory is important for educating students about America’s complicated racial history. Critics say that CRT is designed to indoctrinate an anti-American version of history into children’s minds. Rather than teaching children to be proud of their country’s history no matter what the color of their skin is, critical race theory teaches white children specifically to be ashamed of everything people did 200 years. Many white people in this country nowadays are not even descended from people who lived in America during the times of slavery.