Former President Donald Trump easily topped a GOP 2024 presidential nomination straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas on Sunday afternoon.

Trump, who garnered 70% of all votes cast in the anonymous poll, has continuously dropped hints that he is planning another presidential run in 2024, having lost the White House to President Joe Biden last autumn.

The former President has gained new ground since the previous CPAC in Orlando back in February, improving his share of the straw poll nomination vote by 15%.

Trump thanked attendees for putting their faith in him when giving his closing speech at the conference, minutes after the polling results were announced.

Further polling

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second place in the poll, with a respectable 21%, showing off his meteoric rise in the GOP over the last year, with his anti-lockdown policies and speeches.

None of the other candidates, even with the likes of Ted Cruz, Tucker Carlson, and Rand Paul, were able to top 1% in the poll.

However, in a second hypothetical ballot that removed former President Trump from the picture, DeSantis gained 68% of the vote, further solidifying his popularity within the party.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scored 5% of the vote, Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr came in with 4% whilst South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem scored 3%.

None of the other candidates were able to score more than 2% in this poll.

The straw poll was one of the most highly anticipated spectacles at the CPAC in Dallas this weekend, with the former President Trump putting in yet another strong performance at arguably the most influential gathering of conservatives and activists up and down the country.

Further, further polling

Many believe the CPAC has become a “Trump-fest” since his introduction to the political scene, with further polling at the Dallas conference appearing to back up this theory.

80% of those in attendance stated that they strongly approved of the work that the former President did whilst in the White House, with a further 10% stating that they somewhat approved.

Attendees were asked to answer a 20-question survey via an online app that had been designed by the event organizers.

They claim that the survey was created to get a feel for what issues truly matter within the conservative movement, with topics such as cancel culture, border security, and critical race theory being the most popular.