Donald Trump was chased off of every major social media site months ago. Indeed, major social media companies made the decision to remove Trump’s accounts before his presidential term even officially ended.

Ever since then, Trump has had essentially no online presence. Briefly, Trump posted on a blog called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, but since readership numbers were so low — mainly because no one was properly able to get the word out about the blog’s existence — it eventually ended up being shut down.

Now, the Trump team appears to be favoring a new social media platform called Gettr. Trump has not yet made his decision about whether he will make an account there. It appears that he is waiting to see whether the platform can attract a viable user base.

Also, some very important questions still remain about the platform.

What Is Gettr, and Who Owns It?

As of yet, it’s not clear who owns Gettr, but Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign spokesman, is reportedly leading the project. Tim Murtaugh, another former Trump campaign spokesperson, is also consulting on the project.

A representative from Getter has said, “The former president is going to make his own decision. [An account is] certainly there and ready for him should he make the decision— we would welcome that.”

It remains to be seen whether Trump will ultimately decide to use Gettr to communicate with the world, but if he does, it remains unclear why he would choose it.

After all, Gab, a social media equivalent to Twitter which runs its own web hosting and now includes video-sharing features, already has an account waiting for Trump, should he decide to use it.

Gab’s security and general scalability and stability have all greatly improved since the platform’s original launch. It also already millions of users, many of whom are passionate fans of the former president. Gertr, on the other hand, is virtually brand new, has hardly any users at the moment and has been experiencing persistent security problems. Spam and bot accounts have also been flooding Gettr. Most embarrassingly, the top-performing posts on the site appear to be a series of Sonic-the-Hedgehog-themed adult cartoons.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba has already said that if Trump wants to use his Gab account, Torba will happily hand over the password and welcome him aboard. The Trump Gab account has saved every single tweet Trump had ever made before his Twitter account was suspended. Given that Gab quite clearly functions better than Gettr does at the moment and has better name recognition, it’s mysterious why the Trump team appears to be gravitating toward Gettr.

The reason may ultimately have to do with Gettr’s connections to former Trump spokespeople, but again, this is merely speculative.