The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held this weekend to discuss key issues in the conservative movement and to get a feel of what GOP members truly care about.

The three-day weekend event, set up by grassroots organisation the American Conservative Union (ACU), was topped off on Sunday afternoon by former President Donald Trump delivering the keynote address at the end of the event in Dallas, Texas.

Trump was introduced to CPAC attendees by ACU chairman Matt Schlapp, who gave the 45th President of the United States a big opening.

He stated that the crowd was about to hear from “the biggest impact player in our movement,” and Trump’s speech didn’t disappoint.

The keynote Trump…

Trump graced the Dallas stage by walking out to his signature opening music “God Bless the USA”’ with a classic suit and red tie look, to which the crowd responded by chanting “USA, USA, USA.”

The 45th opened by stating his enthusiasm about being “back in the heart of Texas,” before taking his first shots of the night at the mainstream media.

He joked about their continued insistence during the election campaign that the Lone Star State could turn Blue, commanding that the state was only ever “in play” for him.

He continued his opening by keeping a rather mellow tone, vowing to all those in attendance and to everyone else listening that he will carry on fighting for them.

Trump then offered out some praise to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, before asking all Texas congress members in attendance to stand and receive an ovation, labeling them all as “warriors.”

…Off comes the gloves

After offering out his niceties, former President Trump rolled up his sleeves and took off his gloves, ready to start the afternoon’s entertainment.

He first made fun of Senator Bernie Sanders, stating that he is “mild in comparison” to the actions taken by the Biden administration over the past 5-and-a-half-months.

Trump then fully locked on to his successor, attacking him for his mismanagement of the US-Mexico border crisis and the current energy crisis that is affecting the Lone Star State’s oil industry, proclaiming “I told you so” to the crowd.

Next up was the Democrat leadership, with Trump reminding the crowd that someone like Nancy Pelosi has a “nice wall around her house” whilst talking about the poor reaction from the Democrat congressional leadership regarding the border crisis.

He then stated that the nation’s immigration system has become overwhelmed by the “chain migration” policy, a policy which was restored by President Biden after being repealed by President Trump.

He then covered the protection of basic American liberties, accusing the “far-left Democrats” of attempting to take away American’s First and Second Amendment rights, once again proclaiming “I told you so.”

The former President also covered topics such as the potential voter fraud in the 2020 election, big tech censorship and interference throughout the election cycle, and the President’s son, Hunter Biden, who became a hot topic of conversation during the election.

He also defended his former personal attorney and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who recently lost his law license in the state.

He labeled the notion of the former mayor losing his license as “major irony,” all because he fought to expose the evidence of voter fraud.

The 45th also took some fun jabs at the GOP itself towards the end of his speech, proclaiming that they were in “big trouble” before he came along and brought back “working men and working women” into the party’s main fold.

Trump closed his speech by rallying the GOP’s grassroots army, urging them to continue fighting for the Republican cause.

The former President exited the stage by dancing to his signature closing song “YMCA,” with the crowd cheering and dancing along with him as the conference came to an end.