Senator Rand Paul called on the National Security Agency to investigate if they had broken the law as Tucker Carlson claimed. Paul was very unhappy that the agency had taken to Twitter to deny any wrongdoing without completing a complete investigation first.

Tucker Carlson Alleges Email Hacked

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has alleged that the National Security Agency hacked his email account as he worked to secure an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. While many have hinted at it, Tucker Carlson clearly stated during a late June “Tucker Carlson Today” episode that he felt the government had hacked his email.

The Problem

Tucker says that he feels that his identity was unmasked to make him look like a disloyal American citizen.

He does not deny that he was seeking the interview and says that the only person he told was his executive producer. According to CNN, officials at Fox News are not supporting Carlson’s claims, leaving the anchor even angrier.

The National Security Agency Tweet

After Tucker Carlson’s statement on his television show alleging that the National Security Agency had hacked his email, the agency released a statement denying that any such investigation occurred. They say that they are well aware that such an investigation into an American citizen would be against the law without a court order.

Are There Other Possibilities?

There are at least three scenarios of how the information that Tucker Carlson was seeking an interview with Putin could have become known without the National Security Agency leaking the information.

First, Tucker or someone close to him may have told someone who spread it to rival news sources. Secondly, the person who Carlson was communicating within Russia may have leaked the news to someone. Finally, it is possible that the intermediary was being investigated by the U.S. government and had his emails hacked or was a U.S. spy.