Fox News host Greg Gutfeld lambasted Joe Biden for seeking to sow greater and greater racial tensions in order to benefit from them as the Democrat President gave a speech in Philadelphia against election security measures in GOP-led states.

During his speech in Old City, Biden tried to portray the Republicans’ push for greater electoral security as an “unrelenting” “Jim Crow assault” in the 21st century.

On the Democrats’ and his administration’s behalf, he vowed to oppose that “vigorously.”

Biden argued that the Republicans are on the side “of lies” and are seeking to subvert American democracy.

He urged all to oppose their election legislation overhauls on the state level.

Lies that divide us

The Democrat president even went so far as to suggest that the Republican-sponsored election reform legislation in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Texas, among other states, represents “the most significant test” of American democracy since the Civil War.

The fact that Biden unabashedly used racial overtones in order to criticize election laws in his Philadelphia speech has spurred the ire of the host of Fox News show “The Five”, Greg Gutfeld.

The journalist accused Biden of being a “pathological, shameless liar” precisely because he has been fomenting “racial discontent” and utilizing it to his benefit – in spite of running under the pretense of being “unified.”

Gutfeld pointed out that Biden is comparing the 28 new laws in a total of 17 states to Jim Crow and the KKK, as though voting rights don’t actually exist at present for all Americans.

The Fox News host saw himself forced to remind all that every American has the right to vote.

He pointed out that the only exception are felons, “the dead”, and illegal immigrants, which he said are the “favored” voting blocs of the leftists, a witty hint at 2020 election fraud accusations and the current open-door policies of the Biden administration.

Biden is the worst thing that happened to us since Civil War

Gutfeld noted that Biden has become the latest in the line of senior figures in the Democratic Party labeling their opponents as “racist” or extremist.

The trend in question goes all the way back to when George W. Bush was compared to Adolf Hitler.

The journalist exposed Biden and the Democrats for using Donald Trump as a scarecrow before, and now that the latter no longer occupies the White House, for inventing the Republican election reforms as “the worst thing” that has befallen America since the Civil War.

Meanwhile, just as Biden was speaking in Philadelphia, dozens of Democrat state legislators from Texas were fleeing to Washington, DC in order to prevent a vote on a GOP election security bill in their state.

More than 50 Democrat lawmakers of Texas have left the state capital Austin on private planes for Washington-Dulles International Airport in order to disrupt the quorum in the Texas House of Representatives and thus prevent the Republicans from passing their election security bill.