The Black Lives Matter movement, which was founded by people proudly proclaiming themselves to be “trained Marxists” has issued a malicious statement on the anti-regime protests in Cuba, which lives up to the best traditions of anti-American and anti-Western propaganda not just of the Cuban communists but also of the former Soviet Union.

The BLM statement would be mind-boggling for any person of decency not familiar with the perfidious nature of the vile propaganda of communist regimes wishing to crush any rise of human rights, freedom and dignity.

For those familiar with the Marxist and communist evil, there is nothing surprising – other than the simple fact that BLM has dared so openly to reveal its true colors of harboring real hatred for the United States of America, and real love for inhumane, anti-human communist dictatorial regimes terrorizing their own countries and murdering their own citizens.

BLM has no clue what communism is…

The unabashedly anti-American, anti-Western, and anti-democratic statement of BLM came after on Sunday Cuba experienced the largest anti-regime demonstrations in many decades, with protesters crying out for freedom and waving American flags – an anathema to many in the BLM which have made clear their view of the American flag as evil.

Those have been coupled with mass solidarity rallies by Americans of Cuban descent all across Florida calling for a much stronger reaction by the US government – currently the leftist Biden administration – to help the Cubans’ push for freedom.

The BLM statement starts by condemning the US government for their “inhumane treatment of Cubans” – as though it is Washington that has been terrorizing the Cuban population for the past 60 years, and not the regime set up by the Castros.

BLM blames the economic embargo imposed by the United States on the communist dictatorship for the “suffering” of the Cuban people.

It further argues that the embargo has cost the “people of Cuba” an estimated $130 billion – oblivious to the annihilation threat posed by the Cuban regime to any freedom-loving society, or rather, masters from the Soviet Union, arguably the grandest communist dictatorship there ever was which has logically and luckily ended up on the dumpsite of history.

Following up with a regime-friendly rant on how the US embargo has hurt the Cuban people, BLM then declares another top talking point of communist and other kinds of dictators – namely, that the US government has been punishing Cuba for its “commitment to sovereignty and self-determination”, a lackluster senseless argument more recently made by Russian post-communist leader Vladimir Putin to justify his seizure of the Black Sea Crimea peninsula from Ukraine.

The BLM statement then notes that the 11 million people of Cuba suffering because of the United States contain 4 million who are black and brown – as though skin color matters when it comes to suffering.

BLM should try living in a communist country…

BLM then puts forth more of its communist-propaganda historical mish-mash by praising the Castro dictatorship in Cuba for supporting “black liberation struggles” in African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, and Guinea-Bissau – clearly confusing decolonization with the zest of communist tyrants to use all means in order to spread the spider web of world Marxist-communist revolution of terror.

Most of the African nations the BLM mentions are still struggling to recover from their decades of civil wars exacerbated by the involvement of the Castro regime seeking not their liberation but the imposing of communism.

To top it all off, the BLM praises the communist thugs ruling Cuba for their sheltering of anti-American terrorists such as Assata Shakur, who has been one of the FBI’s most-wanted terror suspects.

With all that said by the BLM, of which any Cold War-era communist party apparatchik would have been extremely proud, it is utterly bewildering how much of the American elite has been siding, especially since last year, with an organization that is so shamelessly anti-American, pro-dictatorship, and pro-communist, and which seems to be oblivious of the fact that communism has been by far the greatest evil in human history, having destroyed the life of the greatest number of people ever, of all colors and backgrounds.

That would, of course, matter as a consideration only for people and organizations for whom human lives matter.