Democrats hold extremely slim majorities in Congress. Thanks to the heroic if ultimately self-interested efforts of Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Democrats have not been able to impose all of the things they fantasize about upon America.

But neither the extent to which they’ve been held back nor the consequences that have ensued — like the spiking crime rate — when they have not done anything keep Democrats from fantasizing. Indeed, if anything, it feels like whenever Democrats encounter any roadblock to their plans, no matter how mild, they simply double down and make their rhetoric even shriller, more unhinged and more extreme.

This is bound to alienate normal people. This realization has finally begun to dawn on MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle. Democrats are now starting to worry about a potential red wave in 2022.

A Cresting Red Wave?

People do not like it when violent criminals start marauding through their neighborhoods. This is why Eric Adams recently won the Democratic Primary election for the mayorship of New York City, which effectively means that he will become the mayor.

Adams, though he is a Democrat, is at least not sold on the defund the police agenda. Now that Adams has won the primary, Joe Biden decided to meet with him.

This is a sign, as Stephanie Ruhle recognized recently, that voters have had enough of Democrats’ excesses on the issue of crime. If Democrats want to survive in 2022, they’re going to have to stop their nonsense about defunding the police.

They’re going to have to stop pretending like it’s the police that force violent criminals to become violent criminals and recognize instead the harsh truth that violence is a part of human nature that needs to be forcefully controlled.

“We are more than a year out from the midterms and Democrats are already facing an uphill climb,” Ruhle said in a segment of her show on Tuesday, July 13. She went on to say, “Republicans, like former President Trump are seizing on that and trying to tie Democrats and their defund the police messaging to that, claiming that messaging is the reason for the spike in crime. It’s very bad news for Democrats with a razor-thin House majority and a tie in the Senate.”

Of course, Democrats in states like Texas and Georgia as well as federally through bills like H.R. 1 are desperate to make it easier to cheat in elections. This, too, is a sign of their fear and desperation over what is likely coming.