There is “direct evidence” emerging of Democrat President Joe Biden being privy to the international business dealings of his son Hunter, former Utah GOP congressman Jason Chaffetz has told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Chaffetz, who is presently a fellow at the Government Accountability Institute, based his evidence claim on the findings of one of his colleagues at the GAI, Peter Schweizer.

According to Chaffetz, Schweizer, president of GAI and an investigative author, has discovered materials on a hard drive that belonged to Hunter Biden, and was left at a laptop repair shop in Wilmington, DL.

The materials in question allegedly prove that Joe Biden benefitted directly from Hunter’s infamous foreign dealings.

Chaffetz explained on Fox News show Hannity on Wednesday night, where he commented on the matter together with Rep. Devin Nunez (R-CA), that Schweizer has cross-referenced data from laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter with records from the Secret Service obtained by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and an associate of Hunter Biden’s.

Moscow business

Thus, according to Chaffetz, direct evidence shows that Joe Biden as well as his wife Jill benefitted directly by using things and assets bought through transactions in which Hunter participated together with foreign actors.

The former Utah congressman then reminded that Hunter Biden has received millions of dollars from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, that he has been involved with Ukrainian money amounting to tens of billions of dollars, and that he has flown together with his business partners on Air Force 2.

In one case, Hunter took Air Force 2 to travel with a business associate to Mexico City to strike a business deal, however, there were also flights to China and dozens of other locations while Joe Biden was vice president in 2009-2017.

Chaffetz described the whole situation as one of the grandest political scandals in America’s history but explained that it was being covered up by the mainstream liberal media as well as the FBI.

Hannity pointed out that findings by Schweizer presented by Chaffetz also support claims by Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter’s.

China ties

In 2020, former Navy veteran Bobulinski, also the former chief of SinoHawk Holdings, told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that there had been a partnership between two members of the Biden family and Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC China Energy.

California Republican Representative Devin Nunes in turn expressed deep doubts about Hunter Biden being able to sell his artwork for prices of $500,000, hinting that such excessive sums paid for Hunter’s paintings might have to do with highly problematic business dealings and/or political favors.

Adding to his point, Chaffetz pointed out that a previously unknown Vincent Van Gogh painting was put up on auction for the price of $150,000, only one-third of the price of a Biden masterpiece.

Hannity then concluded by adding that the painting purchase won’t be made public, and that way a Russian oligarchy, a Chinese national, the Chinese military, or an oligarch from Kazakhstan, or even an executive of Burisma might buy could buy a Hunter Biden piece of art and that way enjoy direct influence over the occupant of the White House and the wider connections of the Biden family.