Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the Biden White House, refused to designate communism as the reason Cubans are protesting in the streets and fleeing or trying to flee their country.

Psaki was answering reporters’ questions after earlier Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, told citizens of the Caribbean nations of Cuba and Haiti to not even try to make it to US soil by sea as they are fleeing dictatorship and/or chaos in their countries.

On Sunday, Cuba’s capital Havana saw the largest street protesters in the communist country in several decades in an unprecedented development, with Biden and his Secretary of State Blinken making some lip service-paying declarations in solidarity with the Cuban people.

Against that backdrop, there have been mass rallies of Americans of Cuban descent all across the state of Florida blasting the administration for not taking a more courageous stance to support Cuba’s anti-communist protesters.

Blame everything but communism!

During her press briefing on Wednesday, Psaki was asked by Peter Doocy, White House correspondent for Fox News, whether the Biden administration isn’t aware that people are trying to leave Cuba and come to the United States because they don’t like communism.

Psaki first pretended she didn’t understand the question.

When Doocy asked her more directly whether she believes that people are trying to escape from Cuba because they don’t like communism, she gave a brief and roundabout answer to the direct question, and then went on a lengthy explanation course with respect to some bureaucratic migration procedures.

Biden’s press secretary declared that the administration has been “pretty clear” that Cubans are protesting in the streets or trying to leave their country because of their opposition to “the oppression” as well as the “mismanagement” of the government.

She added that the Biden administration supported the right of Cubans to protest and speak out against their treatment in their own country.

Avoiding responsibility at all costs!

In her brief roundabout answer, the press secretary of the White House clearly avoided any mention of the terms “communism” or “communist”, and, seemingly on behalf of the entire Biden administration, refused to blame the communist dictatorship for Cuba’s plight.

After her lengthy explanation of Cubans’ not very many options to seek refuge in the United States, Psaki went back to sum up her original answer.

She stated that the US is being supportive of the Cuban people as they are seeking “freedom” but from “both the pandemic” and the decades of “repression and economic suffering”, which was brought about by “Cuba’s authoritarian regime”.

There is little doubt that this was another choice of words carefully selected to avoid any mention of communism or the assigning of any blame to the communist system as the source of Cuba’s misfortunes.