Politico’s writer Ryan Heath attempted to blame Senator Ted Cruz for stopping Biden’s nominees from becoming ambassadors in Europe. Still, the Texas senator blocked the jab posted to Twitter. Cruz immediately fired back that he was blocking the appointments because he did not approve of President Biden giving Russian president Putin a multi-billion-dollar pipeline by removing sanctions approved by Congress.

Biden Blocks Keystone Pipeline

Cruz also pointed out that, while it appears that Biden approves the Russian government getting rich through the pipeline, the current administration had blocked the Keystone pipeline in the United States, which killed thousands of high-paying jobs.

Ambassadors Waiting to Be Confirmed

Among the ambassadors waiting to be confirmed by the Senate is Amy Gutmann, whom the president wants to see as ambassador to Germany. Biden also wants Chantale Wong confirmed as an ambassador to oversee the Asian Development Bank. Jeffrey Hovenier to the Republic of Kosovo and Virginia Palmer to the Republic of Ghana are other appointments needing Senate approval.

Cruz’s Brilliant Move

Cruz’s move was seen as brilliant by many on the right. He acknowledged that he was blocking the appointment of ambassadors. Then, Cruz went on to tell the American voters who might be following the discussion about Biden’s moves to give the Russian government a high-income producing oil pipeline. The voters may have been unaware of this issue, which has not received much publicity.

The tweet was designed to hurt Ted Cruz, but he leaned back and let it go right by him with minimal effort. Then, it hit Biden in the cheek, where it stung. Meanwhile, some voters may have gotten better educated by the Texas senator who has served in office since 2013.