Cubans currently protesting en masse against communism and dictatorship are waving American flags as a symbol of freedom, not “oppression” and “white supremacy”, while at the same time the woke left in the US is trying to bring communism here, Donald Trump Jr. has warned.

In a video entitled “Communism Will Always Lead to Misery”, Trump Jr. exposed the duplicitous narrative of the Democrats and the Biden administration that Cubans are protesting against their country’s communist regime because of a “shortage of COVID-19 vaccines” and some “basic necessities”.

The left is pushing that narrative even though the Cuban protesters are clearly chanting, “Down with the dictatorship!” and “We want liberty!”

At this point, the American lefties are at a loss as to how to react to the situation in Cuba since they have been selling it as an example for having free healthcare and free education.

Trump Jr. experienced communism

In his emotional commentary, Trump Jr. acknowledges that he is the son of a billionaire from Manhattan but also emphasizes that he understands communism because of the experience of his mother’s family who fled from communist Czechoslovakia.

He tells the story of how his grandparents from Czechoslovakia were overawed when they came to America and saw the liberty and freedoms “that we had here,” and how when he turned 5 they kept taking him to their home country for two months every summer so that he can see the reality of communism with his own eyes.

President Trump’s eldest son states how he saw what the communist system “does to good, intelligent, hardworking people, and how it breaks them.”

And yet, the leftists are trying to bring that to America.

Trump Jr. declares that he would love to see all those Gen Z and millennial kids live and survive in a communist regime even for a second, “minus their iPads, their iPhones, their seven-dollar Starbucks”.

He further states he would trade the Cuban protesters for “most of that Portland rioting crowd” any day of the week.

They are waving American flags in Cuba because it’s a symbol of liberty, not because they are “symbols of white oppression” or “white supremacy and hate”, Donald Trump Jr. states.

Our flag is a symbol of freedom, not oppression!

He also points to Hong Kong as another case in hand where 18 months ago protesters were also waving American flags because they stand for freedom and nothing else.

In his words, the Democrats and the mainstream media which serve as their marketing department don’t report on what’s actually going on in Cuba because they have been “pushing communism on us for years now.”

Against that backdrop, all those who seem to love communism such as Bernie Sanders, Biden himself, or Obama remain silent, while the media are spinning the Cuban protests to be about COVID-19 and basic necessities oblivious to the fact that Cubans have been lacking basic necessities for a very long time.

Trump Jr. urged Gen Z millennials not to regurgitate what they hear from some Marxist professor who claims that “America sucks” and there are great virtues of communism - because America doesn’t suck but is the greatest country in the world, while the system of communism has never worked well anywhere and never will.