Black Student Club Wants Alerts to Warn of White Supremacists

The Black Student Movement club at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC) is asking that the school roll out “anti-racist” alerts to let students know when white supremacists are on campus.

Group Asking That Notifications Be a Part of Alert Carolina

The black student club used the Twitter account “Anti-Racist Alerts” to announce the demands that they made of the school’s chancellor. The club is justifying its demands by saying that students should not have to opt into the anti-racist alerts. Instead, they should be a part of the already established school alert system known as Alert Carolina.

Additional Demands

The club is also asking that the school protect its Black students by banning “agents of white supremacy” from UNC’s campus. The group is defining white supremacy groups by providing examples, such as when the school’s Republican student group invited Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for Donald Trump. The club also puts pro-life groups into this category.

In addition, the club is asking that the school remove the campus police force from residence halls during move-in day, citing the intimidating presence of law enforcement to Black students. The club also is demanding that the school pay for a monument on campus to honor James Cates, a Black man who was murdered at the school in 1970.

Opposition to Demands

In response to the demands by the Black Student Movement, the UNC College Republicans said that it was “inappropriate and outrageous” to allege that Lewandowski and Trump are white supremacists. The Republican group said that it was an affront to free discourse to discourage these groups from coming to campus.