Fox News host Pete Hegseth absolutely embarrasses Texas Democrat Senator James Talarico on national television regarding the issue of voter ID in the state.

Talarico, who appeared on the show Fox and Friends, lacked concrete answers regarding his and the party’s stance on voter ID, and Hegseth took every chance possible to expose the flaws in his position, as the Senator appeared in a studio in Washington DC.

Over the past year, voter ID has become one of the hottest topics up and down the country, with numerous states implementing new laws to toughen up polling protocols.

A new bill in the Lone Star State will allow voters to provide numerous forms of ID to prove their person, including forms such as a drivers license or a social security number.

The exchange

Hegseth opened up the exchange by continuously asking Talarico if he is okay with having voter ID.

The Texas Senator declared his position, stating that he is firmly against the idea of voter ID, reaffirming his position that forms such as a drivers license should not be required to vote in state and national elections.

Hegseth then questioned the Senator over whether mail in voters should have to prove who they are when they send in their ballot, to which Talarico repeated his opposition to all forms of voter ID.

The Fox host then rolled up his sleeves to embarrass the Senator, repeating his claim and questioning why he holds that position for the “most sacred obligation” in the country.

Talarico claimed that “hundreds of thousands” of Texans do not have a drivers license, which was his biggest mistake of the entire interview.

Hegseth pulled no punches, pointing out that the law isn’t just limited to a drivers license, as voters will also be able to offer the last four digits of their social security number, a number that every legal citizen in the country will have, thus seeing to the humiliation of the Senator on live TV.

Talarico then panicked, trying to move the conversation onto other aspects of the bill, such as the introduction of partisan poll watchers for both parties.

He attempted to reiterate the classic Democrat talking point of “the big lie,” referencing former President Donald Trump’s electoral fraud claims, but Hegseth wasn’t having any of it.

He went back over the interview, stating that Talarico had just stated on national television that he doesn’t want voter ID, before implying that the Democrats only oppose the laws as it limits their voter pool.

Safe to say that the interview was an utter car crash for the Texas Senator, who remains in Washington DC while his state ponders crucial decisions regarding the safety and integrity of her elections.