Fox News host Tucker Carlson has shown footage and images on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” presenting evidence of what he described as “meaningful voter fraud”, which was committed in Georgia’s Fulton County in November 2020 election.

Fulton County comprises 90% of the city of Atlanta and is the largest county in Georgia in terms of population and the only one in the state with more than 1 million people.

Amid multiple reports of election violations in Fulton County, there have been lawsuits for a forensic audit of the votes cast.

Carlson presented his information by stating that it is factual and that his show has only been dealing with factual information with respect to the 2020 election.

Clear evidence of fraud!

He revealed that at least 36 of the absentee ballot batches in the November election were counted twice, which amounts to over 4,000 votes.

The double counts in question have produced a final tally of over 3,300 votes for Biden and 865 votes for Trump.

The numbers in question became known thanks to an activist group, Voter GA, which sued in order to get the batches together Bob Cheeley.

The Fox News host said even if Voter GA and Cheely could be dismissed as partisan actors, the local far-left newspaper, “Atlanta Journal Constitution”, seems to agree with them since it reviewed on its own available digital images of ballots, and concluded that hundreds of those were duplicated improperly.

Carlon then showed footage of yesterday’s press conference by Voter GA consultant David Cross who explains why it is known that some voters were counted more than once in Georgia’s Fulton County.

Cross showed identical marks comparing ballot pairs side by side.

He also showed the number codes from the ballot scanners which are different.

The consultant demonstrated that ballots were counted twice, and declared that he didn’t know how that was possible.

Carlson seized upon that point stating that every American should be seeking to find out how that may have been possible, especially since it involves hundreds and thousands of ballots in a very close election.

He said Fulton County claims mistakes were isolated incidents and were caught in the recount.

That, however, isn’t true since surveillance video footage obtained by Voter GA shows how numerous ballots were scanned many times.

Carlson then showed a tape in which a woman puts ballots in a scanning machine, removes them, and then puts the same ballots back in – and does all of that multiple times.

The Fox News host explained that the way to check how many ballots were counted more than once would be to check the audit tally sheets.

Fulton County didn’t provide over 100,000 tally sheets for months after the election, including 50,000 tally sheets for absentee ballots.

Well planned scheme

It was finally forced to give the tally sheets by Voter GA, and that led to a stunning conclusion.

The audit discovered that seven tally sheets were falsified and contained fabricated vote numbers.

One batch which had 59 ballot images for Biden and 42 for Trump was registered as 100 for Biden, and 0 for Trump.

The seven batches in question were registered as 850 votes for Biden and none for Trump and Joe Jorgensen, even though they contained 554 votes for Biden, another 140 for Trump, and 11 Jorgensen.

Declaring the evidence to show “flat-out criminal fraud”, Carlson then showed photographs of the recount process, which were taken by a whistleblower who noticed that none of the batches had any creases or folds.

That is impossible for mail-in ballots.

VoterGA also found numerous other irregularities in the vote recount, including more than 200 mail-in images that weren’t included in the results from the hand count audit.

Another violation appears to be the fact that, as revealed by election expert Mark Davis, who analyzed Post Office data, almost 35,000 voters had moved out of their Georgia county over a month before the election day.

Therefore, they were not eligible to vote there but were allowed to do so anyway.

Carlson urged Americans to find out the full truth about Georgia and the 2020 election, not least because Biden won the state by fewer than 13,000 votes.