Five days after the start of unprecedented mass street protests in Cuba against the island nation’s 60-year-old communist dictatorship, Democrat President Joe Biden finally declared his understanding that “communism is a failed system”.

Earlier this week, Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reacted to the events in Cuba by declaring America’s solidarity with the Cuban protesters, some of whom rose up against the communist dictatorship by waving the American flag as a symbol of freedom.

The largely unexpected protesters in Cuba sparked mass rallies by Americans of Cuban origin all across the state of Florida, while Florida Democrats vocally criticized Biden and his administration for not seizing the moment to do a lot more to back the freedom-seeking demonstrators on the nearby island.

Against that backdrop, both Black Lives Matter, the notorious Marxist movement, and one of the spearheads of the radical lefties in America, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) both issued statements in effect supporting the Cuban communist dictatorship and condemning their own country, the United States, for allegedly causing “suffering” to Cubans with its embargo, a measure designed to reign in an aggressive foreign regime which once tried to install Soviet nuclear missiles 90 miles from Florida.

Socialism isn’t much better

Biden finally issued what seems like a condemnation of communism on Thursday as he gave a joint press conference in Washington, DC with German leader Angela Merkel.

He did describe communism as a “failed system,” then adding “universally failed system”, and also stated that he doesn’t view socialism as a potentially “very useful substitute” for it.

The Democrat President also went on to state that Cuba is “a failed state” that has been “repressing” its citizens.

He also declared that his administration was weighing a number of options in order to help Cubans, although those would require a guarantee that the Cuban regime won’t utilize them for its own purposes.

For example, he responded to calls for allowing remittances to Cubans, which was stopped under the Trump administration, by saying that the Cuban regime would most likely confiscate any remittances that might get sent from the US.

One of the measures Biden mentioned is setting up an Internet source for Cubans since the communist government has been enforcing an Internet blackout as soon as Sunday’s mass rally erupted in Havana.

In his words, the US government is looking into whether it has “the technological ability” to restore Internet access for Cubans.

Cuba’s government did terminate the Internet shutdown on Wednesday, which immediately allowed the emergence of videos and photos of the police repressions against the protesters.

However, the Cubans’ Internet access remains unreliable.

Biden’s denunciation of communism came after on Wednesday Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, together with other high-ranking officials of his state administration and Florida members of the US Congress, sent him a letter asking that the US government step in to secure the Internet access for Cubans.