Texas’ GOP Governor, Greg Abbott, has managed to eloquently shame the Democrat members of the state House of Representatives, who have escaped to the national capital to try to prevent the adoption of an electoral reform law favored by the Republicans.

Abbott spoke on the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast revealing his plans on how to deal efficiently and successfully with the state Democrats’ cowardly move after dozens of Democrat lawmakers from Texas have left for Washington on private flights while the Governor has called a special session of the state legislature.

While Abbott explained gave a notable oration explaining in detail the constitutional mechanisms he has at his disposal in order to thwart the local Democrats’ attempt to block voter integrity law sponsored by the state GOP, perhaps his most powerful point has been on the true nature of Texans.

Cowards, not heroes!

The governor told famous conservative expert Dinesh D’Souza that fleeing from a fight – which is exactly what the Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives have done – is the most “un-Texan” thing to do.

Abbott emphasized how since the very inception of their state, Texas have always stood their ground and have fought for the principles they believed in.

He decried the fact that his Democrat opponents aren’t standing in Austin, Texas, or engaging in debate for which they were elected to do.

Instead, Abbott stressed, “they’ve cut and run”, and have completely abandoned their publicly significant jobs and responsibilities, betraying the trust of their constituents.

The Texas Governor contrasted the state Democratic legislators precisely with their constituents who have to go to work every day, and who don’t get paid if they refuse to do so in order to make some kind of a point.

He underscored, however, that the runaway Democrats would still be getting paid for the time they spend in Washington, DC in spite of having abandoned their jobs.

After effectively shaming the political fugitives, Abbott explained the options he has to force them to meet the responsibilities of their elected offices.

He noted that the regular sessions of the Texas legislature are held every other year, and last for 140 days.

Because of the long period of time between sessions the governor has the ability to call a special session anytime he chooses that lasts exactly 30 days.

He pointed out that the Texas legislature is in a special session right now that will last 30 days and will end on schedule in early August.

When it does end, however, Abbot as Governor will have the power to call “session after session” until the state Democrats finally return to the state Capitol building to vote on the voter integrity law put forth by the Republicans.

Because of that, he described the flight of the Democrats to Washington as a “futile exercise”.

He vowed the issue on the agenda will be raised in a special session when the runaways return, whenever that might be, and they will have to vote on it.

Because of that, Abbot described the whole situation with the Democrats’ escape as a “gimmickry”.

The Texas Governor also emphasized that then comes a call on the House.

This means that the Texas House of Representatives has issued a call that empowers the sergeant of arms to work with the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) to arrest and bring to the Capitol the members who have absconded off to Washington, DC.

The only challenge to that is the fact that the jurisdiction of the reach of the TDSP ends at the Texan borders which is why the Democrats had to flee outside of the state.

When they return to the state of Texas, the TDSP will arrest them and bring them to the state Capitol, while the House of Representatives has the power to keep them locked into the House Chamber until they step up and cast votes on the issues that are on the special session’s agenda.

As Dinesh D’Souza remarked that the Democrat member of the Texas House are disrupting a constitutional session, he noted the mainstream media have tried to make the American public believe that the several hours in which the US Capitol was infiltrated by protesters on January 6 of this year was a monstrous act of sedition.

Yet, now actual legislators from the Democratic Party are engaged in a much grander disruption effort.

Abbott responded to that remark by reminding that the mainstream media have perpetuated the words of Joe Biden that the losing party in an election has to acquiesce to the loss, and just work as best as they can within the paradigm that exists.

The Democrats in Texas, however, aren’t doing that at all.

The Texas Governor, however, pointed to much greater hypocrisy on part of the Democratic Party: the fact that the Texan Democrats are in Washington, trying to get the US legislators from the Democratic Party to end the filibuster so that the Democrats would vote on federal-based election law.

That way the Democrats of Texas themselves wouldn’t have to vote on such legislation.

In essence, the Democrats in Texas are using the filibuster to go to Washington DC to try to end a filibuster, Abbott concluded, stating, “That’s the epitome of hypocrisy!”