Extremist leftist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has joined Black Lives Matter in blaming the “suffering” of the people of Cuba on the United States rather than the communist regime that has been terrorizing their country for 60 years now.

AOC’s statement on the current anti-regime protests in Cuba, which started on Sunday and have dismayed the world with their mass turnout, came hours after BLM issued a blatant anti-American and pro-communist release drafted in the best traditions of Soviet Cold War-era anti-Western propaganda.

n it, the overtly Marxist organization went after the US for defending freedom and democracy and for standing up against communist attempts to take over the globe, and lauded the Castros’ regime for its bloody dictatorship in Cuba, its contributions to decades-long bloody civil wars in Africa, and its harboring of terrorists such as FBI-wanted Assata Shakur.

All of that fully oblivious to the fact that Cuban protesters could be seen risking their lives in rising up against the dictatorship with American flags in hand, which they apparently see as a symbol of freedom and nothing else, and nothing less.

All about embargo

While far shorter and more lackluster than BLM’s, AOC’s statement on the anti-communist regime protesters in Cuba is just as unenlightened.

It parrots one of the main points of Black Lives Matter’s ill-minded Marxist outburst: namely, that the US embargo on the communist dictatorship in Cuba is to blame for all the suffering of the Cuban people.

To be fair, unlike BLM, in her statement Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does pay lip service to commending the pro-democratic protests of the Cubans, and to condemning Cuba’s post-Castro President, Miguel Diaz-Canel.

She points out that Diaz-Canel has committed “gross” violations of human rights by suppressing free speech, media freedom, and protest – as though that hasn’t been the case in Cuba since 1960 when the coup led by Fidel Castro toppled the country’s government.

That criticism of Cuba’s current leader is limited to the first three lines of AOC’s statement – so “good news” ends there; the next six lines out of a total of nine lines altogether, i.e. two-thirds of the statement – are dedicated to bashing the United States of America for the Cuba embargo.

AOC declares all too happily that “we must” point out what she describes as the “US contribution to Cuban suffering”.

She goes on to declare the US embargo against the Cuban communist regime as “absurdly cruel”, and that “cruelty is the point”, just as with “too many US policies” against Latin Americans.

AOC knows nothing about history

AOC is somehow shyly omitting the fact that the regime in question has been plotting a world communist revolution in collusion with the former Soviet Union, fomenting violence all over Latin America as well as parts of Africa, not to mention how it nearly brought a nuclear war upon the world when it decided to host Soviet nuclear-armed missiles at America’s doorstep in 1962.

Luckily, the US leadership at the time was up to the challenge of beating back communist aggression all around the globe, Cuba included, as it was the only thing standing between the survival of democracy and the free world, and a global communist takeover and anti-utopia.

In fact, the US leadership at the time was led by Democrat John F. Kennedy but, unfortunately for America and the entire Western civilization, today’s AOC-type Democrats are nothing like him.

AOC concludes her insipid statement on the protesters in Cuba by “outright” rejecting the defense of the Cuban embargo by the Biden administration.

In her final sentence, she parrots the BLM Marxist talking point that America is using “cruelty” against “every day people” (spelling preserved) – even if the embargo has been targeting explicitly only the regime of the Cuban communist dictatorship.