UFC star, and the son of a Cuban immigrant, Jorge Masvidal, has called out former NFL player turned political activist Colin Kaepernick, amid the current freedom protests taking place across Cuba.

Protests broke out in Havana last Sunday, with thousands of Cubans taking to the streets to protest against their communist dictatorship, a regime that has been in place in the country for over 60 years.

Other factors have also contributed to the uprisings in Cuba, after the communist government’s poor handling of the Covid pandemic, the economy and food supplies.

Masvidal vs Kaepernick

As part of his campaign to stand by the people of Cuba, Masvidal posted an image on his Instagram story, calling out Colin Kaepernick for his supposed support for communist dictator Fidel Castro and the government of Cuba.

He shared an image that showed Kaepernick wearing a shirt that depicted support and images of former Cuban dictator Castro, with another image alongside it showing the people of Cuba waving an American flag during Sunday’s protests.

Masvidal captioned the story, demanding that people needed to “know your history,” before he labeled Kaepernick as a “coward.”

He also suggested that the former NFL star should be sent to Cuba to experience what Cubans experience every day, before implying that his mind would be changed after a day.

Kaepernick strikes again

This isn’t the first time that Colin Kaepernick has came under some intense criticism, with 2016 being a tough year for the star.

First, he was one of the first big sports stars in America to take the knee during the national anthem, an action that sparked a national debate on the issue.

During the same year, he donned the supposed Fidel Castro shirt that Masvidal slammed him for, and appeared in front of the press, appearing to praise the former communist dictator.

Not only that, Kaepernick was spotted wearing training socks that depicted police officers as pigs, after he previously stated, during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2016, that police officers are able to murder people and then get paid leave.

Meanwhile, Jorge Masvidal spends his free time fighting against actual oppression and standing up for those who need help in the face of terrible regimes.

Other stars of Cuban descent, such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Melissa Fumero, have used their social media to speak out against the current injustices being pushed onto the Cuban people, whilst also calling out the mainstream media narrative that these protests and just because of Covid-19 issues.