Judging by their reaction to the freedom-seeking protests in Cuba, Democrats are hypocrites and “communist appeasers” who seem to be alright with the advent of totalitarianism in America if they think it is to their benefit, Fox News host Dan Bongino has warned.

In a scathing commentary on the Democrats’ lack of condemnation for the communist regime in Cuba as it is terrorizing protesters, Bongino warned that those same steps that brought totalitarianism to power in the island nation appear to be developing presently in the United States.

USA could face the same fate as Cuba

Starting last Sunday, Cuba saw its largest pro-democracy protests ever since the establishment of the communist dictatorship by Fidel Castro in 1959.

Many of the participants in the brutally suppressed protests have been raising American flags as symbols of freedom.

Far-left radicals in the US such as the Black Lives Matter movement and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have issued statements ridden with Marxist and communist talking points and condemnation of their own country, instead of condemning the murderous communist dictatorship in Havana.

In his latest commentary, the host of “Unfiltered” on Fox News wondered why the Democrats wouldn’t call out the repressions committed by the communist thugs in Cuba.

To his rhetorical question, Bongino gives a categorical answer: “because they support socialism.”

And, which is even worse, because “they despise freedom.”

Bongino made clear his understanding that the communist appeasers in the United States will be glad to let the same thing happen in America as it did in Cuba.

He then showed a number of news headlines comparing developments in Cuba under the communist dictatorship with current events in the US to prove his point, and to demonstrate that his worry about the possible advent of leftist totalitarianism in the United States is not exaggerated.

Bongino then named several counts on which the Democrats qualify as absolute hypocrites – besides the fact that they cannot condemn communism or socialism because they themselves are in fact “socialist communism sympathizers.”

The Fox News host, however, also called out the Democratic Party and the Biden administration’s hypocrisy when it comes to immigration.

Cubans not good enough for Democrats

He reminded how Democrats have been literally “begging” for illegal immigrants to cross the US border with Mexico.

At the same time, the Biden administration, in the face of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (himself of Cuban descent) has issued a blunt rejection of any potential immigrants from Cuba who may manage to escape the Cuban regime and make it by sea to the United States.

What’s even more striking is the fact that any potential immigrants from Cuba who might now try to reach American soil by boats would likely be actual freedom fighters fleeing from the repressions of the communist regime, unlike the migrants from Central America and Mexico crossing the Southern border, whose crowds include numerous criminal elements.

Bongino concluded his argument about the Democrats’ incalculable hypocrisy by wondering rhetorically whether that isn’t the case because the majority of Cuban Americans tend to be Republicans.