Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has continued her agenda against the United States, by blaming the country that she is supposed to represent for the decades of pain and chaos caused in the neighboring nation of Cuba.

Last week, protests broke out in Havana, Cuba, in which thousands of Cubans took the streets to protest and demand their freedom from the oppressive communist regime, with many waving the American flag high and proud.

Numerous mainstream media outlets throughout the US pinned the blame on the lack of Covid vaccines in the country, as well as the poor economic situation and lack of food supplies.

Instead, many in the US (and on the left) decided to blame the blockade of Cuba, continued by the Biden administration, as the sole reason why Cubans are in misery, not the communist dictatorship that has plagued the nation for over 60 years.

AOC’s comments

Now, Democrat Rep. AOC has continued the narrative that the US is solely to blame for the situation in Cuba, demonizing the nation and the administration for continuing the blockade of the island.

AOC explains her thoughts in a clip that was posted online, stating that she believes continuing the US blockade on Cuba is contributing to the current suffering that the people are facing.

She complained about the vote that the UN took last month on the situation, where all nations apart from the US voted to end the blockade, before labeling the policy as “absurdly cruel.”

She continued to claim, without evidence, that the US directly targets Latin Americans with their policies, stating that “cruelty is the point.”

She then attacked the Biden administration for its stance on the issue, continuing her claims that the US government is being overtly cruel to the island nation, and that the administration is now enabling this.

Again, without evidence.

She also weighed in on the numerous protests seen across Cuba in the last week, blaming the US for the decades of suffering the Cuban people have endured.

She only ever criticized the communist government in regards to their handling of the protests, not how the regime has oppressed Cubans for over half a century.