Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has effectively shut up and embarrassed a leftist podcaster who trolled him on Twitter with the picture of one of the most horrifying serial killers in US history in order to try to trick him into making some political damaging comments.

The “lefty troll”, as Cruz addressed him in his swift and witty comeback, tagged the Texas GOP Senator in a tweet with an attached photo of Dean Corll, an electrician and former serviceman in the US Army who raped and killed no fewer than 28 boys and young men in 1970-1973.

The atrocious crimes committed by Corll, who was himself known as the Pied Piper and the Candy Man, became known as the Houston Mass Murders.

The “lefty troll” who tried to embarrass Ted Cruz but ended up getting embarrassed himself is a man called Dee Simon, who is a co-host of a podcast called “Sick and Wrong.”

On Sunday, Simon tweeted to Cruz by pretending to be thanking him for “putting America first”.

In the next sentence, he impudently asked the Texas Senator for “birthday retweet” for his “grandad” who served in the Army.

The tweet carries the hashtags #americafirst and #VeteranSupport.

The catch with which Simon tried to trick and embarrass Cruz was that he attached a photo of Dean Arnold Corll, one of the worst, if not the worst mass murderer in American history.

Cruz’s reply was fast and powerful.

He tweeted back to Simon by addressing him with “Hey, Lefty Troll”.

The GOP Senator then proceeded to declare how sorry he was that, judging from the attached photo, Simon’s grandfather was Dean Arnold Corll, the serial killer who kidnapped, tortured, raped, and killed 28 boys and men.

Ted Cruz then declared Dee Simon to be a “twisted soul.”

Then, even in shutting down the vile leftist podcaster, he still managed to include in there a blessing to American service personnel by writing, “God bless our troops anyway.”

The Senator’s reaction was certainly a graceful act to a maliciously designed tweet by a leftist troll whose podcast’s name appears to be a perfect match for his behaviors.

All the more so when taking into consideration how he used the photograph of one of the evilest humans in America’s history in order to try to deceive and denigrate a federal legislator elected to the United States Senate by the will of the people.