Journalist Michael Wolff ripped apart CNN anchor Brian Stelter as a guest interviewee in the latter’s own show by telling him that he is among the reasons why “people can’t stand the media.”

Wolff, a long-time career journalist, has been best known recently for his 2018 book, “Fire & Fury”, a New York Times bestseller about the first year in office of the administration of President Donald Trump.

Stelter, one of the most emblematic faces of CNN’s ever-growing leftist and radical leftist propaganda, had invited Wolff as a guest in his show “Reliable Sources” to discuss the latter’s newest book.

You might be a nice guy, however…

Besides doing that, however, Wolff also took the opportunity to lambast both Stelter himself and the entire take on what used to be journalism by the current leftist liberal CNN establishment.

The “Fire & Fury” author was voicing his complaints about all mainstream media in general before he unexpectedly focused on the personality of Stelter himself and CNN’s propaganda-style “journalism.”

While Wolff noted that Stelter might be a “nice guy”, he told the CNN host he is “full of sanctimony”, and that he has become a part of present-day mainstream media’s problem.

The veteran journalist then accused Stelter of acting as though the latter had a “monopoly on truth” and pretends to know how exactly things should be, a conclusion that is valid not just for the anchor in question, but also for his entire network and numerous other leftist outlets out there.

Wolff then bluntly told Stelter, “You are one of the reasons” people can’t stand the media, adding, “It’s your fault!”

Feeling seemingly embarrassed, the CNN host responded with an awkward, silly laugh, although to be fair he did manage to keep his cool after the initial surprise, and then asked Wolff what he should be doing differently in that case.

The veteran journalist responded that Stelter shouldn’t be talking “so much”, and that he should “listen more.”

You’re living in a bubble

Wolff then went on to offer more of his quite accurate assessment of mainstream media, stating that it “doesn’t get the story right,” and that it “exists in its own bubble.”

Stelter was quick to agree with the latter.

The veteran journalist, however, didn’t stop there.

He accused Stelter or CNN – or both – of being “incredibly repetitive” week after week, and for seeking to present his or their news as “virtuous” as opposed to what they say is fake.

During this eloquent and emotional tirade, in which Wolff just annihilated CNN and one of its most pretentious hosts, Stelter, after regaining his cool, just nodded, grinned, and laughed.

He was unable to mount any defense of himself and his network other than asking Wolff at the end why he had come to his show.

“I’m a book salesman,” the veteran journalist responded honestly and bluntly, as if to seal the devastating criticism that he threw at Stelter and the other radical lefties at CNN.