A hearing at the Arizona state Senate on the 2020 election audit in Maricopa County has proven large-scale fraud as enough compromised ballots have been found in order to nix Joe Biden’s lead ahead of Donald Trump, with senators calling of the vote to be decertified.

The audit in Maricopa County, which includes the city of Phoenix and is the fourth-most populous county in the US with its 4.5 million inhabitants (60% of the state’s total), has dug up shocking election manipulations, The National File reported.

It discovered that a total of 11,326 residents of the county voted on November 3 but on November 7 they were nowhere to be found on the voter rolls; instead, their names were post-added to the voter rolls sometime between November 7 and December 4, 2020.

This grave violation alone is more than sufficient to cancel Joe Biden’s alleged “win” of the state of Arizona by a total of 10,457 votes.

Leftist manipulation

What is more, however, the forensic audit has discovered that over 74,000 absentees were counted in Maricopa Country although no evidence has been found that those ballots had been sent to the voters beforehand.

This matter has been complicated by the fact that the county kept all photographic evidence, which is supposed to show the mail-in ballot envelopes, from the audit team of the Republican Party.

Against this backdrop, photographs have surfaced showing how ballot boxes and printers are being loaded in Phoenix on a truck labeled “Destruction” at the time of the hearing in the Arizona state Senate.

In still another monstrous violation of the fair and democratic election process, some 168,000 ballots were compromised as they were printed on the very thin ballot paper and an official of Maricopa County ordered the election staff to give voters Sharpie markers to mark their choice.

This led the markers to “bleed through” and leave marks on other ballots.

Because of each one of these horrendous violations, and all of them put together, Arizona state Senators have called for the state legislature, which is controlled by the GOP, to decertify the 2020 election and thus recall the state electors for Joe Biden.

The audit findings in Arizona are giving hope to Republicans that the election results can be revised and President Donald Trump can be back in the office.

In their additional steps, Republican activists can consider the events surrounding the 2016 election, when the left developed a number of strategies to try and overturn Trump’s categorical victory.

New election?

Wendy Rogers, an Arizona state Senator has declared that she has “heard enough” and enumerated the violations: dozens of thousands of ballots sent without request; more than 10,000 people voting by registering after Election Day; the country’s refusal to hand over more than 40% of the voting machines; the producer, Dominion, refusing to turn over their passwords; dozens of thousands of queries showing the election was highly insecure.

Because of that, Rogers said she is calling for Biden’s electors “to be recalled” and a new election to be held because the state of Arizona must not award its electors “fraudulently.”

Another state Senator of Arizona, Sonny Borelli, also declared that he has seen “enough evidence” in order to challenge the certification of the 2020 election results in Maricopa County, while state Senator Kelly Townsend declared she wants to “see indictments.”

Brandon Beach, a GOP Senator in Georgia’s legislator, called for the decertifying of elections in his home state as well also citing massive election fraud there.

According to Beach, with Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, Arizona’s 11, and with forensic audits leading to similar results in a couple of other states, Biden’s total number in the Electoral College will drop below 270, triggering the 12th amendment, in which case Congress “would have to act.

President Donald Trump has commented upon the findings of the forensic audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County by declaring them to be “devastating news” for the Biden administration and “the Radical Left Democrats.”

He stated that there clearly was no Biden victory in Arizona, nor was there in any of the swing states.