Pro-wokeism Big Tech social media platform Twitter on Monday once again suspended the profile of GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, terrorizing her anew over her quest to defend free speech.

This time the Republican Congresswoman from Georgia got suspended because, according to Twitter, she was sharing “misinformation” about the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccines, a spokesperson for the social media company announced, as cited by CNN.

This is the fourth time that Twitter has suspended the profile of Marjorie Taylor Greene but perhaps she should consider herself lucky that Big Tech censorship is only terrorizing her from time to time, at least for the time being.

12-hour ban

Her new suspension is also temporary, whereas former President Donald Trump – who was, among other things – the person with the highest number of followers in Twitter’s history – has been banned from the platform for so life, the so called “de-platforming”, the ultimate form of Big Tech censorship.

Now, based on Twitter’s policy on people who “repeatedly” engaged in “sharing misinformation”, Greene will be unable to tweet for 12 hours.

In the past few days, the platform has labeled two of Greene’s tweets as “misleading”.

CNN states that MTG could be banned from the platform “if she continues” to spread “misinformation about COVID-19.”

The network also points out that the Republican Congresswoman’s suspension comes against the backdrop of the White House’s newly confrontational course towards social media platforms over what is said to be misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines.

All the more so, as cases of the new delta variant of the virus have started to spike.

In an advisory of 22 pages released last week, Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, urged all Americans to help “slow the spread” of what he referred to as “health misinformation” during the pandemic and beyond.

Twitter terror continues

Murthy argued that “health misinformation” is a grave threat to public health since it could undermine public efforts, cause confusion, harm people’s health, and sow mistrust.

The Surgeon General even declared the curbing of misinformation spread a “moral and civic imperative” – without really specifying what misinformation really means in that case and who gets to be the judge on that.

Apparently, in the case of outspoken GOP Congresswoman of Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Green, the answer is: Twitter.

In spite of Big Tech’s terrorizing and censorship and her constant vilifying and insults by the lefty mainstream media, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who first became a member of the US Congress this January, enjoys growing popularity and contributions.