Democrat President Joe Biden has been repeatedly trying to take credit for the natural wide-ranging economic recovery as America is emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden is claiming all success on his own behalf and on behalf of his administration while disregarding deliberately a wide range of facts and factors which contributed to the growth in the US job market.

Not to mention that even with the latest, mostly natural job gains – as the lockdown economy is slowly becoming a thing of the past – his employment numbers are still a very far cry from President Donald Trump’s spectacular figures from February 2020, before the start of the COVID-19 scare.

There’s more to it

Upon receiving the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the US economy added some 850,000 jobs in June, on July 2, Biden declared at the White House that “we” have created 3 million jobs “since I took office.”

He added that the figure was greater than that of any other American president in the first five months of the presidency.

The Democrat President has been reiterating that, including a recent boast at a meeting of his Cabinet, except in it he spoke of the “first six months” of his presidency.

Seemingly ignoring the difference between a shutdown, lockdown economy, and a reopening one, Biden ascribed the increase in absolute job numbers to his wasteful “American Rescue Plan”, stating that “we’ve made” “the economic progress” with it, and it “helped create three million jobs.”

Biden then claimed that the American public is widely supportive of his further economic plans, generally united in the monstrous $7-trillion so-called Build Back Better plan.

He boasted that his administration isn’t just getting America “out of the hole” but setting it on a path for “significant economic growth” for some time.

Science fiction scenarios and false taking credit aside, both of which are typical of the Democrats, in presenting his claim to a growth of 3 million new jobs in the past five – or six – months, Biden is ignoring not just the truly simple difference in realities between a pandemic, lockdown economy, and a reopening and more or less normally operating one.

He is also deliberately keeping silent on a bunch of other crucial details, pointed out by Politifact, a nonprofit project run by the Florida-based Poynter Institute, which evaluates levels of truth in political claims.

Trump did better

Politifact rates Biden’s claim as “half true” only because the figure of about 3 million newly added jobs in the said period is technically correct.

The number of jobs in the US economy increased from 142.7 million in January to 145.8 million in June-July, or a gain of a little over 3 million.

However, in February 2020, as President Donald Trump was completing successfully his term right before COVID-19 spread all around the globe out of China, the US economy had a total of 152.5 million jobs, a pre-pandemic peak.

Thus, with all of Biden’s boasting, the American employment numbers at present are still almost 7 million jobs lower than under President Trump.

Politifact points to several other crucial caveats on Biden’s claim: the US population today is significantly larger in absolute terms, so the absolute number isn’t a good measure to compare with past presidents.

Then, there is the fact of the timing of Biden’s entering into the White House, at a time when a reopening economy after a steep economic downturn.

Against this backdrop, there is also the prevalent question of how much sway the president of the United States actually has when it comes to job creation.

So while Biden appears to have been lucky with absolute numbers, in relative terms, and in comparison with Trump’s pre-pandemic job numbers, his claim of great employment success seems mostly unjustified and needless boastful for a country which still has a long way to go to erase the negative consequences from the pandemic.