Biden’s recent rhetoric on the subject of voting rights is not lining up with his actions.

Biden Inverts Reality on the Subject of Voting Rights

Speaking to a group of 300 civil rights advocates in Philadelphia on Tuesday, July 13, Biden said, “Hear me clearly. There is an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress the right to vote and free and fair elections.”

In some ways, this is correct, but in other ways, it appears to be an exaggeration of reality. Even worse, however, is the fact that, deep down, Biden seems to know this based on his recent actions.

Despite apparently supporting the “For the People Act” in word, Biden hasn’t done much to push the bill forward or keep it afloat in deed. After all, Biden is the president. If he wanted to, he could use his considerable authority to bring down the hammer on Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who prevented the bill from passing the filibuster.

Instead, Biden prefers to use rhetoric — comparing Republicans who support voter ID laws to Confederates in the Civil War — to bolster support for the already failed bill, which would federalize all elections and make restrictions on mail-in ballots a thing of the past.

Since Biden’s words so clearly do not match his actions, it’s difficult not to wonder whether he’s simply trying to inflame passions and leverage them to his — and his party’s — political advantage. It’s hard to guess what other motivations he could have for failing to use his presidential power to push through a bill like this if it were truly important to him.