Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has called for the United States to enact a “wartime scale mobilization” to aid them in the fight against climate change.

AOC made the comments whilst promoting her Green New Deal to the press, the same Green New Deal that received zero votes when it was presented to the Senate in March of 2019.

Now, she has brought it back, and the campaign to enact the GND has begun to gain traction in the press.

AOC’s comments

The Democrat Rep. began her wartime rhetoric around her Green New Deal at a press conference on Tuesday, where she referenced FDR’s New Deal from the 1930s.

She stated that the issue regarding the climate wasn’t as big in the 1930s, before stating that now is the time to be putting considerable resources into tackling the issue of climate change.

She stated that, back then, “we knew the importance of caring for our land,” and continued by saying that now we have to “acknowledge the fact that our climate crisis today requires a peaceful but wartime scale mobilization.”

AOC concluded her statement by saying that now is the time to be “doing it big.”

The Green Deal

When AOC states that now is the time to go big regarding climate change, she wasn’t exactly wrong when it comes to her Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal is definitely big, especially when the overall price tag is considered.

Fox News reported back in 2019 that a new study at the time, co-authored by a former director of the Congressional Budget Office, revealed that the total cost per household for the Green New Deal to be enacted would be $600,000 EACH.

This would take the entire total of the GND to $93 trillion, making it the most expensive piece of legislation in American history.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute ran a comprehensive analysis about the GND, and what the consequences may be for enacting such a deal.

The CEI stated that not only is the deal an overwhelmingly expensive proposal, but it is also incredibly reliant on “technologies that haven’t been invented yet.”

They continued, claiming that adopting the GND would cause the country to enter a “steep economic depression,” whilst also putting limits on affordable energy, which they claim will have a significant, negative impact on places such as schools, hospitals, and transport.

John Kerry, the supposed “climate czar” of the Biden administration, stated on Tuesday that even if every single country who signed up to the Paris accords stuck by their pledges, the overall temperature of the planet would “still increase,” giving AOC’s Green New Deal little chance of passing in the years ahead.