The increasingly radicalizing left Democratic Party has moved to renew its push for taxpayer funding for abortion by seeking to strike down the Hyde Amendment and the Weldon Amendment, two bipartisan piece of legislation preventing that.

In order to achieve what is one of the top goals of the radicals increasingly commanding the Democratic Party, House Democrats in a subcommittee have approved new spending legislation without any of the two amendments in question, both of which have been a matter of bipartisan consensus for years.

The Hyde Amendment, named after Congressman Henry Hyde, was first passed in 1976, three years after the landmark Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion on the federal level.

It entered into force in 1980, forbidding the use of federal government funding for abortion, expect for cases when the life of the mother is endangered, or cases of incest or rape.

It still allows states to utilize state Medicaid funds for abortions.

Brainwashing and lying to pass the policy

The Weldon Amendment, which was passed in 2005, provides for protecting against discrimination based on opposing abortion, i.e. it a vehicle to make sure that pro-life groups are protected from discrimination.

While Republicans have been trying to pass legislation so that the Hyde Amendment could be enshrined into law, the rapidly radicalizing Democratic Party has been attempting in the pass few years to kill the amendment altogether.

Mainstream media have joined a campaign to brainwash Americans on the issue of allowing hard-earned tax dollars to be spent on abortions.

Yet, the public remains more or less evenly divided on the issue of abortion in general as well as the crucial policy details surrounding it.

According to a June 2021 poll by AP-NORC, a total of 61% of US adults support legal abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy, 34% support it in the second trimester, and only 19% in the third trimester.

Biden changed his stance on the matter

When it comes to using tax money to pay for abortions, however, most Americans appear to be clearly in favor of the Hyde Amendment banning that.

Thus, a recent poll by Marist discovered that 58% of all Americans are against taxpayer-funded abortion, not much different from the results of a poll by Politico and Harvard, in which only 36% of likely voters declared they supported the use of Medicaid funding for abortion services.

Democrats have been arguing against the Hyde Amendment on the basis that it hurts low-income women disproportionately.

Democrat President Joe Biden, who used to be backing the Hyde Amendment before 2019, changed his stance during his presidential campaign amid massive pressure from Democrat lefties.

So far the GOP has been standing strong against the leftist encroachment attempts.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared last week that the GOP in the Senate will keep “standing up for life” as well as “standing up for taxpayers” and “the conscience right of millions” who don’t agree that the US government has to be “laundering their hard-earned” tax dollars “to abortion providers.”