Vice President Kamala Harris was seen entering Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Sunday, July 18, 2021, for a nonscheduled but routine doctor’s visit. Speculators worried that she might have tested positive for COVID-19 days after Texas Democrats tested positive for the disease.

Texas Democrats Tested Positive for COVID-19

Democrats who hastily walked away from the Texas legislature rather than vote on bills before them flew back to Washington, D.C. liberated from COVID-19 restrictions. None of them wore masks on their public transportation, and five now test positive for COVID-19. All are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Vice President Kamala Harris Praised the Texas Democrats

Kamala Harris praised them for walking away from voting on proposed bills concerning abortion, voters, and critical race theory in the public schools.

She added that in walking out, they supported and defended “some of our nation’s highest ideals.” The Vice President was not close enough to the infected individuals to catch COVID-19 and does not need to quarantine.

Texas Governor Abbott Condemned the Representatives

Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized the representatives several times for walking away from an elections bill to improve the integrity of Texas elections. Governor Abbott added that the Democrats who walked away from their jobs can be arrested when they return to the state of Texas. Representatives who are doing their jobs in Austin, the capital of Texas, have the authority to have those who walked out arrested and forced back into the state capitol as soon as they return to Texas.

High-Profile COVID-19 Cases After Vaccination

The Democrats also represent a group of high-profile COVID-19 cases in individuals who are fully vaccinated. Republican Representative Vern Buchanan from Florida also tested positive for COVID-19 even though he has long been vaccinated. Vice President Harris urges all who are not vaccinated to get vaccinated because the delta variant of COVID-19 is no joke.