Hundreds of migrants attempted to cross the US-Mexico border at Del Rio, Texas on Monday, as border officers and local law enforcement officers attempted to hold them off as they were drastically outnumbered.

Videos taken of the incident show migrants attempting to push forward through the gates, after border agents opened it to let a selected number of people through.

Other videos, especially one from Fox News, were able to offer an insight as to why the migrants were attempting to enter the country, to which many responded by stating they just simply wanted to live in the United States.

Many of the migrants came from all across South America, with nations such as Brazil, Haiti and Chile named the most.

The group of migrants, made up of a couple hundred, were predominately single males, but also included some small families, pregnant women and unaccompanied children.

How the events unfolded

The confrontation at the border began after the US authorities on site decided to allow a select number of migrant families into the country.

However, this had an impact on those single male migrants who were not selected, so they began to try and force their way through.

Every time the gate would open for another selected family, those not selected would push forward, making it incredibly difficult for border agents and other local authorities to close the gate.

Eight border agents and local police officers were able to push back on the gate against the migrants, preventing hundreds of them from getting into the country.

A spokesperson for the Del Rio region stated that the attempted charge by the migrants was brief and that the rest of the process was peaceful.

The spokesperson continued, stating that migrants at the back of the crowd became confused when the gates opened and the group moved forward, claiming that they believed the entire group was getting let in, and not just selected families.

However, they stated that some migrants in the crowd were able to help officials get things back under control, as more and more migrants began to push forward.

The continuation of the border crisis

Whilst border officials were able to keep this incident under control, the current border crisis continues to plague the Biden administration month by month, to the point where even the President is terrified of calling it what it is…a dangerous crisis.

The President named his Vice-President, California’s Kamala Harris, to be in charge of the dire situation at the US-Mexico border.

However, she has came under intense criticism for her actions, or lack of actions, since being named to the post back in March.

She failed to visit the border when first appointed, leaving it only till last month when she visited the area which in fact had no illegals coming in.

However, she failed to visit the epicentre of the crisis, Rio Grande Valley, making opponents believe that she is not taking the crisis seriously.

Border officials in Del Rio have reported over 900 illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country on a daily basis.

Last month, it was reported that close to 190,000 illegal immigrants attempted to cross the border from Mexico, breaking a 21-year record.