At least 50 Texas Democratic lawmakers and 12 paid staff arrived in Washington D.C. on July 12 to try to block election reform within their state. Officially, the group says they plan to stay in the nation’s capital through August 8 if necessary to pressure federal lawmakers to pass election reform at a national level. That is ironic since the lawmakers are unwilling to vote on a bill that would put most of those same safeguards into practice in Texas.

Republican Lawmakers to Be Arrested

Meanwhile, in Texas, Republican lawmakers have let it be known that the fleeing lawmakers will be arrested as soon as they reach the state for not completing their legislative duties.

Governor Abbott says he will call one special session right after the last one until the lawmakers return or until the next general election occurs in November.

Moody Stripped of Title

In an effort to force the Democrats to return to Texas, Democratic Speaker Pro Tem Joe Moody had been stripped of his title. Moody took to Twitter to say that did not bother him because his three most important titles in life were dad, husband and El Pasoan, and those titles could not be stripped from him.

Private Plane Offered

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan says that he will have a private jet waiting in Washington D.C. this weekend to bring the elected officials back to the state, and he advises all Democrats to contact his office to arrange to be on that flight.

While this fight may seem silly, it is impacting real people’s lives. In addition to the voting laws, the Democrats hold up the vote for a 13th check for retired teachers.