While insisting to be staunchly in favor of a federal election overhaul bill put forth by his own party, Democrat President Joe Biden has refused to call for the ending of the filibuster, arguing that such a move would create large-scale partisan division and chaos in Congress.

Apart from that, speaking during a CNN townhall, he insisted that moving to do away with the filibuster now would cause tensions with the Republicans to skyrocket, which would then put his entire legislative agenda in jeopardy.

Biden thus shot down the hopes of the radical left for destroying one of the most important tools for control over partisan decisions, whose removal would have created conditions for the establishment of a legislative dictatorship by the Democrats.

He did declare that “there’s no reason” to protect the filibuster, and then added – save for the simple fact that it would “throw the entire Congress” in chaos, and because of that “nothing will get done”, “nothing at all”, the Democrat President said.

He was responding to questions ending the filibuster by a townhall attendee and by CNN host Don Lemon, who served as the moderator for the meeting.

Biden insisted that are present there is “a lot at stake” in Congress, including “the right to vote” – making it sound as though huge numbers of American citizens don’t have that right, a ridiculous claim.

He nonetheless dwelled on that, stating this bill was “the single most important one” – a reference to the Democrats’ so called “For the People Act.

Since June, when the GOP in the Senate voted to block the consideration of the Democrats’ favorite bill, preventing them from gathering the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster, “progressives”, or extremist leftists have stepped up pressure on the Biden administration to destroy one of the most important legislative tools in American politics.

Biden has been advocating vigorously, to the extent that this is possible for a person seemingly exhibiting signs of senility, in favor of the pretentiously called “For the People Act” in order to override a number of election integrity bills adopted by GOP-led states across the country.

He has gone so far as to declare the election safety laws in those states to be 21st century “Jim Crow.”

During the CNN town hall, however, while saying he would try to abolish the filibuster, Biden did cry foul over what he says is an abuse of the procedure and argued in favor of restoring the old filibuster, in which legislators were required to hold the floor for as long as they could.

Biden reminds of South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who once conducted a 24-hour filibuster in what turned to be a failed bid to stop civil rights legislation in 1957.

He argued he wanted to bring unite to the country and going after the filibuster would destroy the possibility of consensus.

Back in March, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, warned Biden and the Democrats with a “scorched earth” Congress if the filibuster is abolished.